Do You Remember Your First?

What was the first romance novel you read?  What do you remember about it?



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8 responses to “Do You Remember Your First?

  1. No, I don’t. I can remember one, kinda, in fifth grade but it wasn’t my first but I remember thinking at the time it was my favorite. It was a western, the bodice ripper cover had the blond woman in a yellow dress, shirtless man snuffling into her cleavage and i vaguely recall some of the sex scenes. Sadly, my brain has deteriorated and I recall nothing more.

  2. Katrina Williams

    I totally do. It was called His Girl Friday and it was a Harlequin. The girl on the cover was blond, wearing a green sweater set. I’m sure you can guess the plot. 🙂

    I found it in the book bin in my class room. Mr Morgan, third grade. I’m sure no one realized it was in there, but I’m eternally grateful because it launched my love of the genre.

  3. mamadivine

    I was a senior in high school and found the book in our garage. I can’t remember title or the author. But I do remember a forced marriage to a jerk hero (and forced seduction scene), the heroine ending up a harem and the hero, thinking the heroine is dead, being involved with a conniving, social climbing floozy pretending to be a virgin (there was sex scene involving a chicken vein).

  4. Oh man, yeah I remember. The Flame and The Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss.

    I was 11 and found it stashed with a bunch of others, hidden on the top shelf of our laundry room. My mom’s stash. I remember grabbing that one because I thought the girl was prettiest and I liked the purple cover. I read it tucked under the covers at night by the light of my nightstand alarm clock so my parents wouldn’t catch me.

    I devoured it and then snuck it back into the stash to grab another, then another, then another. Once I’d worked my way through my mother’s hidden stash, I started checking romances out of the library, hiding them inside my coat when I came home so my parents wouldn’t find out I was reading them and only saw me coming home with Sweet Valley High books. My parents were super strict and religious, they’d have killed me for reading what they’d call ‘trash’.

    I started writing my own when they closed the library branch closest to my house and the next nearest one was too far away to bike to. So I hounded my parents into buying me a bunch of those huge 5 subject notebooks and I filled them with my own awful, dreadful but satisfying to my 12 year old self, stories.

    Ooops, seems I wrote another book here lol. I wish I could have gotten the chance to thank Ms. Woodiwiss. She kickstarted my adoration of all things romance.

  5. My very first true romance novel was Love Play by Rosemary Rogers. The plot included a switcheroo by a set of twins to throw off the evil, rich, and powerful older brother who did not want his younger brother to marry one of them. The evil count kidnaps who he thinks is his brother’s fiancée, whisks her away to Sardinia and keeps her prisoner. She eventually falls for him but them tries to escape and he comes for her (natch!) and declares his love. It was really popular that year it came out and made the rounds of all of us. I reread it not long ago and while I still enjoyed it, I had to giggle in quite a few places.

  6. jodi

    ahhh…showing my age. My very first romance was Gates of Steel. Harlequin Presents #1. It was on the honor rack at the library and it had “sex” in it. Even if it was just a two sentence kiss and closed doors. Thrilled me to death, and probably where I got hung up on billionaire heroes, lol…

  7. Karen Marie Moning’s Dark Fever led me to her Highlander series. So, my first romance novel was Beyond the Highland Mist.

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