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Inez is temporarily unavailable

Sorry!  All wrapped up in boxes and tape. See you soon!


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What Is Your Character’s Guilty Pleasure?

Bonus Question:  What’s your guilty pleasure?


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Threesome Thursday: 3 things I need

I’m sick.

Chicken Soup

Cough Medicine



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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Which of your characters is the most like you?  In what way?


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Threesome Thursday! Excerpts!

Yeah, I am attempting my first menage story. *gulp*  So here are three ROUGH snips, one from each POV.


The almost visible acknowledgment of his sincerity triggered Cade’s predatory grin. Excitement bordering on arousal coursed through Grant as he recognized the look. This was Cade closing in on a sexual encounter.  He’d seen it in bars, at ball games and once in a hardware store. A seductive quality washed through Cade, invisible yet present in the languid way he moved, the heavy lidded slant of his eyes, the simmering gaze. He bent his leg until his knee made contact with Grant’s thigh.

Masculine heat warmed where they touched. A burn formed as he held his breath, aware this step, this move, contained a challenge. So far, nothing more than words had been exchanged. It was crunch time, either walk away or commit to more. Cade was allowing him an escape or a foothold. The choice was his.

Purposefully, he flexed his leg half an inch and bumped back.


“Should’ve knocked me upside the head with a ball beam hammer.”

He kept his tone light but he knew why he couldn’t commit to one person. It had nothing to do with Shelly and her cheating on him. Like every other person on Earth, he wanted to fall in love with someone who accepted him at his worst, loved him at his best and craved his company in between. He wanted someone to tell his dreams to, his fears, his fantasies. Someone who could finish his sentences and turn his insides to jelly.

He already had that with Grant and Vivi. Everyone else paled when compared to them. He loved them both too much to ever fuck that up. In a perfect world, he could have them both. But life wasn’t perfect and he couldn’t touch. But he could dream.


Taking care of Grant, and by default Cade, filled her with more happiness than a diamond ring. They were her men, her guys, and she loved spoiling them in secret little ways. Serving Grant’s favorite brand of bacon at breakfast, finding the specialty blend of coffee Cade loved, even making sure they had that nasty-smelling fishing bait that they preferred, all those things she did because she loved them. Maybe they never noticed, maybe they did, it was enough that she knew.

She didn’t feel guilty for including Cade in her attentions. Grant was her husband but he of all men would understand. The men were almost a package deal. Hadn’t she joked before their wedding she might as well change her name to Michaelson-Lorens? She got a two for one deal when she fell in love with Grant… in every aspect but the bedroom. But that was going to change.


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Did You Always Want To Be A Writer?

I didn’t decide I wanted to be a writer until I was a little ways into adulthood.  Before that I wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer, a lawyer (an episode of The Streets of San Fransico changed my mind), a beautician, a cop (thanks to TJ Hooker) and a doctor.

What about you?  What did you want to be besides a writer?


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