Did You Always Want To Be A Writer?

I didn’t decide I wanted to be a writer until I was a little ways into adulthood.  Before that I wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer, a lawyer (an episode of The Streets of San Fransico changed my mind), a beautician, a cop (thanks to TJ Hooker) and a doctor.

What about you?  What did you want to be besides a writer?



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14 responses to “Did You Always Want To Be A Writer?

  1. I decided I wanted to be a writer when I was eight. I’d been writing in text (as opposed to stories I made up off the cuff and told to my little sister or parents) for a year at that point. I knew, deep in my soul, it was what I was meant for. My calling.

    My parents encouraged me, but always suggested that I have a second career plan because writing does not make good or reliable money. I vacillated in what I wanted to be when I “grew up” — a nurse, a veterinarian, a teacher. But it was always practical and what I wanted to do for money, not for love.

    My love is in my writing, and it always has been. 🙂

  2. Like Nonny, my first love has always been writing. I, too, started at a very early age. The only other thing I ever thought of as a “career” for myself – in the sense of it being a full-time, all-consuming desire – was to be an artist in some form. I used to draw constantly – if I wasn’t writing, I was illustrating the stories I’d written.

    Then I discovered “special effects” and my dream was to work for George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch.

    My love for writing took over completely in high school, though. Aside from a few other dalliances with visual art (photography in particular, which is still something of a passion of mine), writing remained my one and only love.

    Still is. 🙂

  3. Growing up, I wanted to be either an actress or an Egyptologist. I’ve also wanted to be a historian, a pharmacist and a doctor of physics (I must be the only one who came out from seeing Top Gun thinking: I want to study physics!).

    I did briefly want to be a writer around age 8. Then it didn’t hit me again until 15, but I put it off until about 25. Then I put it off again until about 35, and here I am.

  4. I decided I wanted to be a writer at 11. I don’t have many memories before that age so I don’t know if I ever wanted to be anything before then, but briefly in high school I did waffle a bit and thought maybe I could be an interior designer. Not instead of writing, but in addition to. Writing has always been my first love.

    Interior design is still an interest of mine. I like to redecorate and rearrange and whatnot, I just do it in my own house, not other people’s.

  5. Katrina Williams

    I wanted to be an olympic gymnast, a dancer, a policewoman and a muppet. Then I grew up and wanted to be an actress or a lawyer. Then I really grew up and wanted to pay bills so I spent twelve years doing that for myself and a large company as an Accounts Payable manager. I hated it.

    Writing is something I never thought could be a career, but not because of how hard it is to make money. I just never thought I could be good enough. I’m still working on that. 🙂

  6. I always wanted to be a writer but was told that it wouldn’t support me. My backup plan was to be an actress although got the same feedback there. When I did those career tests to find out what you were good at I alway came out “artistic” and the advisors frowned on that saying they hated my type because we were so hard to place. It’s sad that they expect us to all fit into “little boxes” and pigeonhole us there. Now, I have the luxery to write to my heart’s content with no guilt, so I’m extremely happy and satisfied.

  7. When I was little, like around 6, I wanted to be a ballerina. I told my mom this, and she got very serious and said that while she would support me, it was a very difficult profession–I would have to work very hard, probably live in a crappy tiny apartment in a big city, it would be very hard to attain real success, etc.

    So then when I was 7, I switched to cartoonist. She liked this idea a lot better. But by 8, I had settled on writer.

    I love my mom for taking my childhood ambitions so seriously…I’ve always taken my own dreams seriously because of that!

  8. First I wanted to be a vet. Then I grew up a little and realised it wasn’t all about cuddling furry animals, I also found out I didn’t like blood so I dropped that idea.

    Then in my early teens I wanted to be a lawyer. But I realised I wasn’t that good at public speaking, so wouldn’t be too good in a court room.

    I can’t remember when I discovered I wanted to write, I feel like I always have, but it must have come in my teens when reading became my favourite thing to do.

    I love reading others’ answers to this kind of question, it’s so insightful.

  9. I wanted to be a nurse like my mom. Then I wanted to be a writer like my next door neighbor. A brief dabbling with teaching because then I could write during the summer. Then I wanted to be an archaeologist. (Honestly I think the archaeology was about writing.) Then my mom convinced me I should be an accountant. Now I’m back to being a writer. Life’s funny that way.

  10. I never had an opinion… oh, I thought briefly that it would be cool to be a teacher, until I decided I really didn’t like many elementary school teacher or for that matter many other teachers.

    I did always want to read though — if I could get paid to read, that would have been a great job; unfortunately, my mom was more practical and I wanted to go to college because I could read even more there and learn cool stuff.

    So I loved to read, I was good at math, I was just really becoming environmentally conscious so while vet school looked interesting I decided on Forestry. Good fit, loved the people… dreamed of living in Yosemite and being far from people.

    Last year in college started writing and knew that’s what I really wanted DESPITE all the bad press. Practicality overturned desire and eventually I got into computers and tech writing and now computer systems auditing (pay’s good and I do like it)

    But I still want to write…. Now I don’t like to read anymore (I get bored) because the stuff in my head is more interesting than the stories I’m reading.

    So I inadvertently gave up my first love—reading— to begin to attain my second love, writing.

    I think a blog post is brewing.


  11. I wanted to be a teacher until junior high. Then I wanted to be an archaeologist ala India Jones. But I realized it wasn’t as glamorous as the movies. *sigh* I still have a crush on Harrison Ford tho 😛 My mom wanted me to be a lawyer because “I like to argue.” Who me? lol But I didn’t like the idea of all the homework. I always liked writing but it never occurred to me that I could pursue it as a career. So instead I got a degree in Mining Engineering lol

  12. I wanted to be a solid gold dancer too! Then a photographer for National Geographic.

  13. Kimberly Farris

    Thanks everyone for the comments for sharing your thoughts.

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