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uhm, oops?

Yeah, I posted last week but I guess I kinda forgot to hit PUBLISH since it saved as a draft. Damn. Oh well, it was a nothing post anyway.

Today’s post –  The junk in my computer files

Does everyone have this crap on their computers or is it just me? I go through my files and think why did I think I would need or want this? Not only did I keep it, I TRANSFERRED it when my old computer went blewie. Yup, moved all the junk to the new one.

I have no less than 14 copies of JINXED in different stages of development. The story is done, published and printed. WHY do i still have the original on my computer? Why do I have each chapter broken down and saved with my own edits marked in red?? DELETE

I have copies of every BETA and Crit Partner read I have ever done in the past 4 years. Deleting those suckers now.

Three differnent ebooks I bought that never opened due to some glitch. Why did I keep them?

The Christmas Play program I designed in 2002… I still have it WHY? Delete.

A letter I wrote to my BFF saying CALL ME. That is it, two words. But I saved it. DELETE

Seriously, I must be a file horder or something. This is ridiculous!



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I’ll Show You Mine, If …Wait, No I Won’t

It’s amazing how watching other creative types makes you think about your own process.  Friday night I went to watch a friend of mine’s band perform.  I’ve seen them a couple of times now — and never fail to be inspired — so I know that there will be moments when the lead singer completely loses it and goes jumps and screams.  I know that the drummer will look like Animal from the Muppets, but the music will still be awesome.

However, there were a couple of other musicians that also played that night who were completely new to me.  The one was very folksy and sang with his acoustic guitar and occasionally a woman who also had a guitar.  The other guy….well he twitched and seized on stage while pulling faces that would make a Loony Tunes characters’ face hurt.  He was accompanied by a mix master who did everything hovered over an iPod and he was pretty twitchtastic as well.  The lyrics were completely out in left field and if you had just seen the visual without the noise, you would have thought the guy was on a bad trip.  Or on his way to the insane asylum.

But he had a following, small but clearly there.  They sang along to his songs and at least two of them got actual acknowledgement from the musicians.  This guy, who looked like one of the criminally insane and spouted lyrics that would make most people die from embarrassment, had the guts to get on stage and let it all hang out.  It didn’t matter that I thought his lyrics belonged in a 16 yr old emo boy’s diary and not coming out of the mouth of a 30-something man.  Or that he was dressed kinda skeevy (I call it stalker gear).  Or that he kept squating and covering his face in a Don’t-Look-At-Me sort of way.  He went up there and owned the moment.

Right now the only person who has seen my work is my Mentor.  I’ve shared snippets and paragraphs, but that’s about it.  I don’t have the guts to show a full work to anyone just yet.  But after seeing that — and realizing my disdain didn’t kill him or his dream — how can I not?  If the Twitchy-Just-Performed-In-The-Subway-Guy can do it, why can’t I?



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I. Hate. Traveling.

I just do. I love seeing people, I love visiting my old haunts from my hometown (now that I live 5 states away). I love eating at the local restaurants that I grew up eating in.

But just being in the car for that long (on this trip, from beginning to end, it was 34 hours), not sleeping in my own bed, not having my “things” around me…I dislike it. Even now that the baby is a little older and doesn’t need to stop every 45 minutes to eat and change…it still stinks.

And I gotta say, it’s cramping my writing. Or, rather, rewriting. Sure I get snippits of time here and there and I have my laptop. But the disorder of our lives is just wearing me down.

But tonight I should be back with my own things in my own house. So looking forward to that…even if we ARE moving in a few weeks and the disorder will start all over again!

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Categorically Part II, Wherein I Love Up on Stuff Like a Pervert on the Subway

So today is time for part two of my category tropes series.  Stuff that I love.  Whereas I had just one major pet peeve I have lots of little loves.  Tried and true stuff that category relies on.

I love, love, love best friend books.  You know the old best friends become lovers, “I never really looked at him/her before even after all these years” thing.  Man I love that.  The longer they’ve been friends, the better.  I’ll take a pair that met last year and became instant buddies, but I love people who sat in the kiddie pool in soggy diapers together.  That’s what I’m talking about.   It just adds another dimension to a relationship that is already deep and already involves a kind of love.  And I dig watching people just suddenly realize.   That’s why Emma is one of my favorite JA books.

I could read this story over and over and over with different characters, and to be honest I don’t much care what else is going on in the story.  If I see that this scenario is going to occur in a book by reading the back, that’s enough to sell it to me.

I love marriages of convenience.  I don’t know why, but there’s just something so inherently fun about people thrust together (I said thrust together heehee) in forced intimacy.  I especially like it when they aren’t really married but they have to pretend to be married.  This works out okay for me when it’s an engagement as well.  Love it.

I especially love it when it’s mixed with a romantic suspense.  Like two cops forced to pretend to be together to break the big case.  Bring it on, baby.   I have a few of these myself.  In fact, I have one WIP that combines both of these tropes into one story.  It’s best friends in a marriage of convenience.  It’s too birds with one sexy stone.

So what do you love to see in your categories?  Secret babies?  Forced marriages?  Sheiks that make women pee themselves just thinking about holding their hands?


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Fill In The Blank Friday

This week I’m going to ask the flip side of last week’s question.

How would your main character or characters complete this sentence?

“_________ is a vastly underrated.”

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Forget a Hero, I Need a Schedule

I’m exhausted.

There are 7 days in a week, 24 hrs in a day, 168 hrs in a week, 10,080 minutes in a week.  I know that.  Well not the amount of minutes, I had to math for that.  My point is, I’m more than aware there is a finite amount of time I have to work with.  I also know that there are certain time sucks (DAY JOB!!!) that will eat a definite amount of time.   I need to focus, harness my free/down time and maximize every second of it.

I’m failing.  Spectacularly.  Epically.  Whatever-kind-of-ly you’d like to use here (they’d all be pretty much appropriate).

I’ve crammed a lot of living into the past few months, and yet it feels like I went to sleep on Jan 1st and woke up today.  We’re almost at the half way point of the year, and I haven’t even made a dent into my goals.  Every time I look at them I get queasy and it somehow turns into watching an episode of The Office.  If sanity were measured in the amount of words I got out of my head and into a WIP, I’d be certifiable, completely locked underneath the Psych ward, trussed up Houdini-style while they started to brick over the door to my cell.  (Clearly I can beat a metaphor into the ground)

I need to focus.  I need a schedule or a system or a minion to do the lion’s share of the work.  Want to share yours?


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House hunting…

…is quite possibly the most frustrating experience of my adult life.

You find a house, it has most of what you want, except the appliances are from the 1950s. Or the house has a beautifully remodeled kitchen, but the rest was trash central. Or the whole thing was lovely, but too tiny for even our furniture.


The disappointment and agony of seeing house after house and feeling rejection after rejection … I can only see it as practice for subbing to agents in the semi-near future. Haha Nothing like developing some calluses before the big deal!

Oh, and for those who wonder…we did end up finding a house. So next month when we move, we have somewhere to live. We won’t be forced to occupy a cardboard box under the highway! Yay! 🙂


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