I originally wrote this blog in the car on a pad of paper, long hand…which I am now typing in the blog. Odd, but writing long hand makes this feel more personal, like a journal or a diary.

Dear Diary,
Today, Jimmy totally looked at me!!!11!!! xoxox

Anyway, it got me thinking…

Would my writing change if I wrote the whole book by hand first? Would my writing style change? My voice? Would I throw the pen across the room and give up forever?

I’m sure my style of writing would change. Although I outline my WIPs, it’s loose and not with a lot of detail. But I have the luxury of easily going back 20 pages and adding a back story once it reveals itself to me. That would be much more difficult (not to mention sloppy) should I try to do it longhand. But then again, maybe I would be more focused in my writing, more organized…

Do you ever write longhand? Does it help you? Annoy you?




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2 responses to “Longhand

  1. sashadevlin

    My first novel that actually had some word count behind it was written long hand. My YA murder mystery is at the 1/3 and in notebooks scattered God knows where.

    I don’t think I’d be able to even write a short story longhand at this point. The need to interject new scenes in between old is too important.

  2. I like to write in longhand sometimes. In fact, I like it all the time. But the problem is that I then have to transcribe it and that takes for ever and is very unpleasant for me, so I usually just don’t bother writing long hand. Though one of my best scenes ever was written long hand in bed with the flu and I kept having to get up in the middle and go throw up.

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