Categorically Part II, Wherein I Love Up on Stuff Like a Pervert on the Subway

So today is time for part two of my category tropes series.  Stuff that I love.  Whereas I had just one major pet peeve I have lots of little loves.  Tried and true stuff that category relies on.

I love, love, love best friend books.  You know the old best friends become lovers, “I never really looked at him/her before even after all these years” thing.  Man I love that.  The longer they’ve been friends, the better.  I’ll take a pair that met last year and became instant buddies, but I love people who sat in the kiddie pool in soggy diapers together.  That’s what I’m talking about.   It just adds another dimension to a relationship that is already deep and already involves a kind of love.  And I dig watching people just suddenly realize.   That’s why Emma is one of my favorite JA books.

I could read this story over and over and over with different characters, and to be honest I don’t much care what else is going on in the story.  If I see that this scenario is going to occur in a book by reading the back, that’s enough to sell it to me.

I love marriages of convenience.  I don’t know why, but there’s just something so inherently fun about people thrust together (I said thrust together heehee) in forced intimacy.  I especially like it when they aren’t really married but they have to pretend to be married.  This works out okay for me when it’s an engagement as well.  Love it.

I especially love it when it’s mixed with a romantic suspense.  Like two cops forced to pretend to be together to break the big case.  Bring it on, baby.   I have a few of these myself.  In fact, I have one WIP that combines both of these tropes into one story.  It’s best friends in a marriage of convenience.  It’s too birds with one sexy stone.

So what do you love to see in your categories?  Secret babies?  Forced marriages?  Sheiks that make women pee themselves just thinking about holding their hands?



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One response to “Categorically Part II, Wherein I Love Up on Stuff Like a Pervert on the Subway

  1. Jeanette Murray

    Cowboys. Yes, I’m trite sometimes, but I love me a rugged cowboy. I do also love a secret baby or two. Or a surprise, unplanned pregnancy. And I, too, love a marriage of convenience. Something about being shoved together because of outside forces is fun. 🙂 Oh, and did I mention cowboys?

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