uhm, oops?

Yeah, I posted last week but I guess I kinda forgot to hit PUBLISH since it saved as a draft. Damn. Oh well, it was a nothing post anyway.

Today’s post –  The junk in my computer files

Does everyone have this crap on their computers or is it just me? I go through my files and think why did I think I would need or want this? Not only did I keep it, I TRANSFERRED it when my old computer went blewie. Yup, moved all the junk to the new one.

I have no less than 14 copies of JINXED in different stages of development. The story is done, published and printed. WHY do i still have the original on my computer? Why do I have each chapter broken down and saved with my own edits marked in red?? DELETE

I have copies of every BETA and Crit Partner read I have ever done in the past 4 years. Deleting those suckers now.

Three differnent ebooks I bought that never opened due to some glitch. Why did I keep them?

The Christmas Play program I designed in 2002… I still have it WHY? Delete.

A letter I wrote to my BFF saying CALL ME. That is it, two words. But I saved it. DELETE

Seriously, I must be a file horder or something. This is ridiculous!


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3 responses to “uhm, oops?

  1. Kimberly Farris

    You’re not the only file hoarder. I’m sure I have diskettes with stuff I wrote way, way back in the day. One day, I’ll go through it all.

  2. Jeanette Murray

    Yeah, I have a ton of random stuff. I often save stuff, like notes to myself, and forget them for years. Then I’ll do what you are doing and find something completely absurd and go “what the hark?” Then spend 2 hours cleaning out everything.

    And then repeat the process again in 2 years. haha

  3. Sasha

    I still have my earliest tries on 3.5 in floppy. And Im the Queen of Sub Folders. So not only do I hoard my files, but I put them in a faux organized set up.

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