Make Way, Square Peg Coming Through

Part of the reason I thought the CatNoWriMo was such a good idea was because it would give me focus.  In my mind, category novels have a concrete set of boundaries.  Writing one would allow me to take a creative endeavor and guide it down a path already paved and traveled.

What I forgot to factor in was my own insanity.  It doesn’t matter that specific lines are looking for distinctive things if I can’t deliver.  I don’t seem able to come up with just a  Romantic Suspense plot line.  It’ll start out that they are running for their lives and then, OH LOOK! it’s a Demon Apocalypse.  Err, how did that get there?

Ok, ok, let’s slow it down.  Let’s go with a straight contemp, Friends-to-Lovers scenario and then OH LOOK! why are the neighbors being strangled in their laundry rooms?!?  GAH!!!

I can’t seem to do one thing at a time, not even with a road map.  I really want to write a category — I grew up loving them, but I’m not sure I can.   For other books I could get away with mashing things together, — as odd and as painful as it can sometimes be — but do you really think HQ will go for a Secret Demon Baby?




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4 responses to “Make Way, Square Peg Coming Through

  1. talesfromthecrit

    Frankly, I like the secret demon baby. I wrote a Presents, and came really close to publishing it too. But not because I’m the right shaped peg. I read a million of them and just regurgitated one. And in the end it turned out to be TOO in between the lines. I say just go for it and see what happens.


    • Sasha

      You are wise for one so tiny. My story might not fit a specific line, but I think I’ll go for it anyway. What’s the worst that could happen?

  2. Jeanette Murray

    If Harlequin doesn’t want your Secret Demon Baby…someone else will! Write it! Doooooo it!

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