I Like It

What do you like about your current story?



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4 responses to “I Like It

  1. Kimberly Farris

    I like that my heroine is determined to be her own person and that she’s a survivor.

  2. Katrina Williams

    I like that my heroine is from Earth. Futuristics are hard enough to write with all the worldbuilding and such, but then I naturally think of contemporary/cultural references to explain things which is not a good mix. Voila! Heroine is from Earth=OK to say things like “These are not the droids you’re looking for.” 🙂

  3. I like the setting (a cycling race) and the camaraderie amongt the team members – and also the little flares of competition amongst them, too. It’s fun and challenging to write – especially the race sequences – and I’m just as curious as anyone else to see how each stage of the race will go.

    I also like the fact this man and woman are so compelled to do what they have to in order to be together. There’s so much to lose – especially on his part – but they just can’t give in and let one another go.

  4. i like killing bad guys with a badass hero who is completely unrepentant. no heroines will step in and say “oh, don’t do it john-boy. if you do, you’ll be as bad as they are. he’s not worth the mark on your soul.” not in this book.

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