Oy.  I forgot it was Monday again.  Still having trouble with days of the week over here.  I’ve taken my lack of concepts of time to a whole new level.  Not only do I not know what time it is, I also don’t know what day it is.

I live in an insular world.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m selfish or just because I live in my head ninety percent of the time.  But I have trouble visualizing how other people think.  Sometimes I think the reason I spend so much time in deep POV in stories is because I’ve had to think so hard about other people’s thought processes in my life.  My inner workings of my brain are an enigma (picture Patrick and the spilling milk here, Spongebob fans)  so I always wonder and have to consider what others are thinking and what might be motivating them.

For this reason, I just picture everyone looking at their writing career the same way I do.  I picture, somehow, that no matter what a person says they secretly want to produce NYT best sellers and are waiting for their New York career to take off.  Because that’s what I’m doing.  So whenever I talk to people that say they have a different plan, a little part of me always thinks they’re deluding themselves somehow and deep inside they must want that book signing at a B & N on Times Square.

But I’ve been looking around lately and seeing how many publishing options there are.  I’ve even been thinking about starting my own small press, an idea currently on hold pending the possibility of someone else doing the same thing.  With all these options available I can see that people really are diversifying their plans.  But tell me truly, those of you who have a plan that includes only ebooks, or self pubs, or small pubs, or library presses.  Do you ever, deep somewhere in the back of your mind, want that whole JK Rowling scene?

Chalk it up to plain curiosity.  But what’s going inside those brains of yours?




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  1. Jeanette Murray

    Well, I can’t claim to have my eye ONLY on e-publishing, because at the end my ultimate goal is to see my book(s) published through NY publishers.

    But at times, I also am frightened by that thought. The pressure of having book deals (serious deadlines spanning over years rather than just edits that take a month to complete), the criticism on a large scale (come on, we all do it), and so on and so forth. For some people, maybe that’s enough to want them to stay on a smaller scale. Not lesser, just smaller.

    Then again, maybe some of those people also are realistic about their genre or style of writing. Maybe they write outside the scale that NY is interested in so they’ve worked their goals around that.

  2. Sasha

    You don’t want inside my mind. It’s very scary in here.

    I write erotic romance and have to say I like the quality of ePub work better at this time. When I made the switch over to hotter work, I shifted my mindset for ePublishing.

    I don’t know that some of my story ideas would fit traditional NY publishing. If they did, totally happy accident. Now, I do have some YA burbling, just dying to be written, and for that I think of NY publishing. But I’m still a ways off from that.

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