Yes, I am watching the World Cup.  :o)  But it applies nonetheless.

Surprisingly I had no writing goals whatsoever until this time last year.  My plan of action was more of a diaphanous cloud of Write-A-Bit-Here-And-There-Surely-One-Day-It’ll-Be-A-Masterpiece.  Not surprisingly that didn’t work.

I discovered goals and did that thing I tend to do, where a teaspoon is suggested but I take a gallon’s worth.  Monday I had no goals.  Tuesday I had about 20.  All of them amoebic blobs of “Finish Vampire Novel,”  “Finish Sci Fi Novel,” and other barely defined unhelpful suggestions.

Needless to say 90% of those crashed and burned — spectacularly.  The wreckage still burns brightly.  But I learned from it.  I have goals this year — both one from my birthday date and several from the top of the year — and they are both more robust and concrete.  I still want to finish things, but I’ve put deadlines on these items.  I’m learning about craft and focusing on quality and quantity.  I’m — GASP! —  editing.

It’s anybody’s guess if I hit a big score this year (publication), but at least I’m pointed in the right direction.  What about you?  Any goalage for the year?

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  1. Kimberly Farris

    For the year, writing goals are to finish my rom com, finish the first draft of my urban fantasy and do the preliminary work on the first story I’ll write in 2011.

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