We Are Family….

For the record I hate that song with the red hot intensity of a billion sons, but the sentiment is genuine and applicable to the writing process. I’d wager that family shapes a person more than just about anything else on the planet.

I tend to write characters with at least one sibling that makes them completely insane. This is not a MarySue-in-Progress (I actually have a COUPLE of sibs that make me bonkers), but nothing quite illuminates true character like family. I can be whoever I want to around my friends because what I do and say shapes that reality; I am who I present myself to be.

Some of my friends have never seen me swear or cry. My family’s been there from the beginning. They know that I water work at commercials and that I often swear like a sailor on leave. More importantly, my family knows WHY I do those things and can usually pinpoint the things that can/will set me off.

As a tool for developing character, nothing provides more omph than showing your MC with her family. In my current WIP, MC1 has been abandoned and betrayed by his family; MC2 has outlived all of hers. Needless to say they both have some issues because of it.

So what’s going on with your characters’ families?




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4 responses to “We Are Family….

  1. talesfromthecrit

    I somehow avoid most of my characters having a family. I think it’s just some deep seeded desire to avoid dealing with my own family or something. Even my YA characters almost never have two parents. Though they usually have at least one. Or some sort of substitute.

    But families certainly can add a dynamic to a story that you can’t get anywhere else.


    • Sasha

      I had to think hard about it, but everyone of my MC’s has family pretty prominent in their lives. Even my YA’s though they are both from broken/reconstructed homes.

  2. Kimberly Farris

    My heroine’s family thinks she’s crazy and has finally lost it after she starts acting stranger than normal. I plan to explore the hero’s family in the next book.

    • Sasha

      I love this. Whether she’s fine with whatever is making her act strange, the fact that THEY all think something wrong will put stress on her.

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