Help, I’ve been Brainjacked!

I’ve always felt a bit different, but it wasn’t until the past 10 years or so that I realized that my brain doesn’t work the same way as other people’s.  If asked I would say I have a hard time focusing, but that’s not really the case.

My issue is that my brain works best when I’m focusing on more than one thing at a time.  As I write this, I’m currently listening to the radio (The Black Eyes Peas are on), watching tv (Supernatural rerun), cooking lunch, and have a knitting project that I stopped mid-stitch sitting in my lap.

This works well for my day job where one must multi-task or die, but not so much with writing.  80 miles an hr doesn’t work for me creatively speaking.  I’m supposed to be working on a Erotic Paranormal, a Friends-to-More Contemporary, and getting back on track with the Werewolves I’ve left in the lurch since last November.

Instead I’m getting bombarded by these YA horror and mystery stories. (One of which has a scene that gives me the willies every time I think of it, and I’ve never read such in a book!)  I’m trying to focus (DANGER!!!), but it’s hard.  The characters talk to me while I shower, scenes pop up when I’m driving.  They’ve even laid siege to my dreams.

I’m oh-so-tempted to just jump ship and start one of these projects.   I wonder what it’s like to have a one genre/track mind.



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