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Rest Your Brain

Last week was a record writing week for me.  I added over 4,000 words to my rom com.  I set my weekly writing goal for this week at 4000 words, figuring I could hit it easy.

I’ve only written about 100 words this week.  I was blaming my lack of words and inability to focus on doing school prep stuff with the kids.  Then last night I realized I was burned out.

Last week, I wrote everyday for a couple of hours.  On Saturday, I attended a write-in sponsored by my local RWA chapter.  I worked on my wip for several hours straight, only breaking for a few minutes to grab a snack and use the restroom.  For all those hours at my computer, I only added 800 words (which I’ve cut because they sucked).

Being busy with school stuff for the kids and having movie nights with my family has helped me rest my brain. I lowered my weekly writing goal to 500.   I may not hit that either, but once Monday comes I’ll be mentally rested and ready to kick word butt.

When was the last time you rested your brain?  What did you do to rest your brain?


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My characters, I’m realizing, have rather mundane jobs. None of them have anything out of the ordinary. I’ve heard the joke before that 70% of all romance heroes are cops/detectives, which is funny…and probably true. In case you’re wondering what the other 30% is, in my opinion I think it’s split between gentleman rancher, shiek, and shifter. (And sure, in romance, I’m convinced being a shifter and a shiek is a paying job.)

Alright, all kidding aside, my characters are so…bland. At least their professional aspirations are. They’re managers or teachers or military guys. Very simple, very “every day.”

What’s the most unique job a character of yours has had? How about one that you’ve read in a published book?

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Attack of the Plot Bunnies

The title of this post could be the name of a horror movie.  Giant bunnies hopping through a town, crushing everything in their path.   Houses.  Cars. Buildings.  Trees.  People running for safety.   Someone yelling out, “They keep going and going and going!”.

Hmm…that might have story potential. 🙂

I frequently feel like a plot bunny magnet.  Or the kid whose an target for bullies.   Usually the attacks are one-on-one.  Like a shootout between two Old West gunfighters, except I’m not armed.  All I can do is try to dodge the idea bullets.  And that seldom works.   Sometimes I’m ambushed by a group of  bunnies.  I’ll be minding my business and a bunch of ninja plot bunnies will show up out of nowhere and then hurl their idea stars at me.   Of course I’m hit because my ninja moves are limited to striking  ninja poses.

The attacks happen anywhere.  I’ve been jumped by plot bunnies while working on a wip, driving, rolling my cart around the grocery store,  and putting clothes in the washing machine.  Once I was attacked by a bunny after discovering one of our hens had died and noticing the Alpha rooster acting suspicious.   The bunny left me with the idea for a story about a love triangle gone bad.

Share your Attack of the Plot Bunny stories.  Your last plot bunny attack.  Your weirdest plot bunny attack.  How you deal with plot bunny attacks.


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It’s not me, it’s you…

I’ve had two partial requests so far for my manuscript, both coming back with a subtle rejection. And a few straight-out no’s. It’s to be expected.

But it’s interesting, reading what different agencies use for their form rejections. (Although the two partials were more personalized.) It’s like they’re attempting to use the gentle, cliched idea of “It’s not me, it’s you” but at the same time making sure that we know “No, really, it’s you…”

Ah. Nothing will toughen the skin quite like the agent hunt. Maybe next manuscript, before I get ready to  query I should have the hubster rub sandpaper all over my skin and soak in a salt and lemon juice bath to mentally prepare…


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Beauty and the Bastard

BEAUTY AND THE BASTARD by David Bridger released this week from Liquid Silver Books!

Dangerous love in dangerous times…

B and the B small

Saul the Bastard is a fallen angel who works as a bounty hunter for powerful urban demon families. Rebecca Drake, a modern day demon princess, is being hunted by dangerous desert demons. When Rebecca’s family hires Saul to protect her, they are both unhappy with the arrangement, but before long sparks fly as they try to resist their strong mutual attraction. For the first time in living memory, Saul has someone to love; someone he is scared of losing; someone the desert demons have marked to be their next sacrifice.

See the trailer

Beauty and the Bastard
from David Bridger and Liquid Silver Books

Buy it now

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Beta, Beta Everywhere

I give good beta.

I can say that without a smidgen of  conscience.  I may have my doubts about my own writing, but I can drill down into any text and highlight what’s good/bad/insufficient.

Betaing is one of the best parts of having writer friends.  I get to be entertained, analyze and then blab about the story and more often than not I feel inspired.  I have betaed my butt off this year — and I’m happy to say at least 3 of the stories I’ve betaed have been sold.

But.  I’ve been using it as a crutch.  I find it easier to shelve my projects if someone else is waiting on me, depending on me to help with their work.  I’ve learned something about my own writing from doing it, but have managed to avoid applying it to my work.  I should be ashamed, and I mostly am.

So I’m backing away from the Betas ….a bit.  I will try to get to those who ask.  There are two people I will continue to beg and plead to beta for.  And the others….will have to wait.  No more until I get more of my own work accomplished.

There.  It only took me half the year, but I finally put my foot down.


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Where Is The Love?

I love you, but I’m not in love with you.

That’s how I felt about my current wip for the last several months.  As much as I loved the premise and my characters, I struggled to make progress on the story.  Getting 250 words would sometimes take me two hours.

I tried various things to up my productivity.  Writing first thing in the morning instead of waiting until the kids were in bed.  Setting daily time goals instead of word goals to take some pressure off myself.  Lowering my daily writing goals to build my confidence.  I even tried mooching off the enthusiasm writing friends had for their own stories.

Nothing worked.  I still wasn’t making the progress I wanted on my wip.  And my excitement about the story still hadn’t returned.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I read the vision statement I came up with for my writing business plan.

Aha! moment.

I realized I’d become so caught up in the routine of writing that I forgot there was more to writing than hitting my writing word goals.  I’d forgotten the purpose of my writing.

The love  for my wip is back and is stronger.  I’m exceeding my daily word goals for my wip.  And I am head over heels in love with writing again.

How are you feeling about your current wip?  How are you feeling about your writing?


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