I’m Entering a Contest!!! (Maybe)

I don’t have anything thinky or profound this week, just panic. I normally find out about contests two days before the deadline and have the same two reactions:

1. How do people find these things?

2. Oh, I TOTALLY would have done this, but I mean two days is too small of a time frame. Maybe next time. Yeah, next time.

A writing pal of mine found this and mentioned it to me a few days ago. Ever since then I keep running into the information in random places, and it almost feels like a sign. The deadline isn’t until the end of this month. I have multiple things that could work for this.

I am slowly ramping up into panic mode.

Putting it here makes it even more real. I’ll have a block of free time this weekend and it’s already devoted to contest stuff. I guess there’s no excuse not to enter — and I’ll always wonder “what if” if I don’t.

ACK! I think I’m entering a contest.




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3 responses to “I’m Entering a Contest!!! (Maybe)

  1. Kimberly Farris

    Congratulations and good luck!

  2. Sasha

    Thanks! But I don’t deserve it yet. still haven’t hit send. I could (maybe) chicken out.

  3. Ilona

    Good Luck and for heaven’s sake hit send!

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