Embarrassing stuff by mail

I moved from the mountains of Nowhere to the middle of Even Less. *sigh* There is a lot more available here but it is still far enough away from major stores as to require a drive. Since it summer, I have my kids 24/7 and there are just certain things I will not shop for with them in tow.

Hello, on-line vibrator browsing.

Now get your mind out of the gutter. I was buying prizes for upcoming contests/giveaways with Ginny Glass for our Dirty Laundry Series from Carina Press. There are adult goodies, soaps and other things we have planned for these Dirty Laundry Baskets. (follow me on twitter to catch the contests announcements)

So here I sit in my cozy office waiting for things to be delivered. Except in my new town, there is no mail to door delivery. Everyone has a post office box. Yes, the town is THAT small. The post office is literally a block away so Spawnetta goes daily to get the mail and it is not a huge deal.

See where I am going here? Yeah, she picks up a box and trots it home, never really giving it a second glance. It is a plain box, no markers, no alluring return name of anything. Nothing. Boring. She asks what it is. I tell her it is prizes for my writing stuff. She nods and goes back into the war zone that is her room.

Hubby comes home. I dutifully show him what I ordered had arrived. Cartoon eye popping and dropped jaw. “You let our daughter carry that stuff home?”

What? It’s not like the batteries were in and it was vibrating the cardboard as she carried it! She didn’t have a clue what it was.

But he was disturbed enough by this that I promised to never inflict that on my daughter again. No more postally contributing to the delinquency of a minor. I’ll go pick up my evil-adult-products-by-mail-delivery myself.

I don’t think Erma Bombeck covered this in any of her books.


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3 responses to “Embarrassing stuff by mail

  1. ChrisQ

    LOL, I just about died laughing. 😀 Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. well, if she wasn’t traumatized (since she didn’t know), I don’t see the problem. I even asked GN. He says same. Maybe you should make Hubby pick up the mail. lol

  3. ha! poor guy. my hubby would react the same way…

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