So Much To Say…

…if only my thoughts weren’t in a blender.

I started feeling cruddy and lost my ability to focus (some would argue that I’ve never had that ability…those people are stupidheads) around this time last week, and I still not 100%.

I’ve started this post 20x in my mind, at least 5 times here, and I’m sure I’ll get an actually brilliant idea on the way to work this morning.  Between the spontaneous bouts of sleep, loads of Day/NighQuil, and constraints of the day job, the writing — all writing — has suffered.  It’s the opposite of Writer’s Block when bits and pieces just keep jumping at you and then jumping away before you can pin them down.

And I’m every hopeful that in the next few days I can get it together — or at least what passes as “together” for me.  Until then you get gems of coherency like this one.  Enjoy.

*face plant



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