Beta, Beta Everywhere

I give good beta.

I can say that without a smidgen of  conscience.  I may have my doubts about my own writing, but I can drill down into any text and highlight what’s good/bad/insufficient.

Betaing is one of the best parts of having writer friends.  I get to be entertained, analyze and then blab about the story and more often than not I feel inspired.  I have betaed my butt off this year — and I’m happy to say at least 3 of the stories I’ve betaed have been sold.

But.  I’ve been using it as a crutch.  I find it easier to shelve my projects if someone else is waiting on me, depending on me to help with their work.  I’ve learned something about my own writing from doing it, but have managed to avoid applying it to my work.  I should be ashamed, and I mostly am.

So I’m backing away from the Betas ….a bit.  I will try to get to those who ask.  There are two people I will continue to beg and plead to beta for.  And the others….will have to wait.  No more until I get more of my own work accomplished.

There.  It only took me half the year, but I finally put my foot down.



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2 responses to “Beta, Beta Everywhere

  1. Yay, Sasha! Glad to hear it. Sometimes you gotta be selfish. I am wondering who the two are tho. Will you whisper it in my ear? Please??

  2. Sasha

    I will not be caught playing favorites, TVM.

    And I’m feeling not very accomplished for the year. Sooo after I get a few more things off my plate (and out of my brain) it’s open season.

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