It’s not me, it’s you…

I’ve had two partial requests so far for my manuscript, both coming back with a subtle rejection. And a few straight-out no’s. It’s to be expected.

But it’s interesting, reading what different agencies use for their form rejections. (Although the two partials were more personalized.) It’s like they’re attempting to use the gentle, cliched idea of “It’s not me, it’s you” but at the same time making sure that we know “No, really, it’s you…”

Ah. Nothing will toughen the skin quite like the agent hunt. Maybe next manuscript, before I get ready to  query I should have the hubster rub sandpaper all over my skin and soak in a salt and lemon juice bath to mentally prepare…



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2 responses to “It’s not me, it’s you…

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  2. Sounds like you are taking it well. Best of luck in the future.

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