Rest Your Brain

Last week was a record writing week for me.  I added over 4,000 words to my rom com.  I set my weekly writing goal for this week at 4000 words, figuring I could hit it easy.

I’ve only written about 100 words this week.  I was blaming my lack of words and inability to focus on doing school prep stuff with the kids.  Then last night I realized I was burned out.

Last week, I wrote everyday for a couple of hours.  On Saturday, I attended a write-in sponsored by my local RWA chapter.  I worked on my wip for several hours straight, only breaking for a few minutes to grab a snack and use the restroom.  For all those hours at my computer, I only added 800 words (which I’ve cut because they sucked).

Being busy with school stuff for the kids and having movie nights with my family has helped me rest my brain. I lowered my weekly writing goal to 500.   I may not hit that either, but once Monday comes I’ll be mentally rested and ready to kick word butt.

When was the last time you rested your brain?  What did you do to rest your brain?


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