Today’s Forecast: Brainstorm

I do some of my best brainstorming while I’m driving.  I’ve filled in plot holes of various sizes as I taxied my children to and from school.  Developed character back stories on my way to the store.  Driving to visit relatives in another state, I’ve worked out the basic premise for stories.

When do you do your best brainstorming?



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8 responses to “Today’s Forecast: Brainstorm

  1. I wish I knew! I’d do it all the time. LOL I do get a lot done while I’m in church, usually, as DH reminds me, because I’m able to be quiet and still without a kid climbing all over me.

    One thing I have noticed is that it’s hard for me to think about my story until something’s written. I’ve tried to brainstorm on the next unwritten scene but nothing comes. Once it’s down, then I can’t stop editing it in my head.

    • Kimberly Farris

      The quiet and not having a kid climbing over me was the main reason I did the majority of my writing at night after everyone was in bed.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. juliedestry

    In the shower, of all places. Maybe all that massaging of the scalp stimulates my brain? who knows. Regrettably, my notebook doesn’t fare well in there with me. BUT! someone suggested a fabulous idea to me yesterday – dry-erase markers! Just scribble what pops into my head right on the shower wall, and then wipe it clean after I’ve made it official in my notebook or outline doc.

    • Kimberly Farris

      I try to keep a notebook and pen in the bathroom for when I get an idea. I’ve messed up a few notebooks trying to scribble down ideas that hit me in the shower.

      Using a dry erase marker to jot down ideas in the shower is a great idea.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. In the shower! Which is frustrating because then I have to stand there memorizing my gem until I get out and write it down. Music is also great for brainstorming, but I can’t actually work when it’s on.

    • Kimberly Farris

      I try to keep paper and a writing utensil around so I don’t have to try and memorize the idea or line of dialogue. My memory can be iffy. I’ve forgotten some ‘great’ ideas.

      Maybe Julie’s dry eraser trick is an option for you.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. K.S. Manning, Author

    The car is a favorite place for me as well. I have an hour commute (one way) each day to my other job so its nice to sit in the car with my tape recorder and plot out scenes, work through dialogue (I even use different ‘voices’ as I create), etc. Unfortunately the plot bunnies also strike about that time and I spend a lot of time documenting the plot bunnies on the recorder so I can remember it later. I have a tape recorder that USB attachs to my laptop so I can download the conversations and have them ‘fresh’ for when I get to them instead of transcribing and missing my ‘voices’. (Did that once and forgot the hero was Scottish, which I noted using my best Sean Connery, so a lot of the plot didn’t make sense until I recovered that little tidbit from memory.

    Another time I do a lot of brainstorm is just before I go to sleep. Plays havoc on my sleep cycles but I can work on the problem areas and either come to a conclusion before I drift off (which means I’m up scribbling it down or talking it into my recorder) or I’ll have a dream about it (which generally gets lost because I never fully remember my dreams).

    • Kimberly Farris

      Brainstorming before I go to sleep doesn’t work well for me. Either I lose my tiredness or my mind refuses to focus on the story.

      I agree brainstorming makes you vulnerable to plot bunny attacks.

      Thanks for commenting.

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