I’m Baaack (and Ready)

I’m rusty, so forgive me.  These are the first new words I’ve written in what feels like forever.

A month ago I was more  concerned with  reading other  writers’ work and making excuses for why I wasn’t doing more with my own.  A routine trip to visit family ended in a rather nasty car wreck and gave me a swift kick in the a$$.

Though wearing my seatbelt, I was bounced around like a human pinball.  Once I realized I wasn’t going to die*, I could think of nothing else except what all I was missing.  My dominant hand injured, unable to wear my glasses — and even if I could, my eye wouldn’t open — I had  to move in with my sister, who had to take care of me like one of her children.  When I wasn’t sleeping, I had hours and hours to think about what I could be doing, and more importantly what I SHOULD be doing.

I wanted to edit.  I wanted to blog.  I really wanted to create new words.  I could do none of it.  I missed deadlines for two contests, didn’t blog (here or my personal blog) and missed registration for a conference.  I know a small part of that was my bad luck with that wreck, but the bigger culprit was lack of follow through on my part.  I could have done any of those things before I got on the road, but I put it off.

I’m not waiting anymore.  The wreck shook me up in more ways than one.  I know my road will be slow — my hand still isn’t fully functional (I still can’t  hold a pen and the typing is easily 60% slower), I still have other injuries that are healing, and the few times I’ve tried for new words, I’ve failed– but I’m going to keep pushing.

I’m ready.


*For the record, my injuries, while painful and still healing were not life threatening.  This was my first car wreck and the most severe I’ve ever been injured.



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6 responses to “I’m Baaack (and Ready)

  1. Kimberly Farris

    Welcome back. Glad you’re doing better. Don’t worry, I’ll row the boat. You navigate and get us to our destination/destiny.

  2. Yay! So glad you’re back. Now get to writing! 😉

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