Working hard? Or hardly working?

Hard at work for me! I received some interest in my trilogy about Marines (Cause I’m original like that) and I’m working hard on completing book 1. I sent off the partial so we’ll see. It may not be their cuppa after all, but if it is, I’d like to have something more to show them.

Of course, writing while we travel up to the in laws will be difficult. But the good thing (and probably a curse, but I choose to look at it as a positive thing) is that they don’t have internet. Why is this a good thing?

Because in my hunt for agents, I find that my “refresh” button is worn to the nub. I need a nice, big step back from both email and the internet, and sometimes I feel like I don’t do that well. So this is a forced step. Hopefully it works out well for me.

Have a nice weekend everyone, and maybe I’ll be able to get on here again next Thursday to wish you all a good Labor day!



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