You Need to Show ID for That?

I’ve been doing a massive makeover of my house. This isn’t the kind of thing you see on home building shows, with hot construction guys hammering nails and portly plumbers with their butts flashing. This is more DIY than that, and my tool of choice is spray paint.

Yep. Cans and cans of spray paint.

I guess a little confession is in order. I have a decorating style that is below yard sale or thrift store chic. A lot of what you find in my house is the result of dumpster diving. That’s right, I get stuff stuff from people’s trash, clean it up and call it mine. 

The only problem I have with these things… they don’t match.

This is where the spray paint comes into the picture, just in case anyone was confused about that.

It all started when I saw silver-painted furniture at a decorating store. *drool* It looked so nice.. so sleek and stylish and girly. One look at the price tag and I knew those pretties were not destined to grace my bedroom.

When I got home grabbed a can of spray paint I had left over from Halloween costumes, put my nightstand (a fine example of the overdone and garish 1970’s molded wood) on a set of sawhorses and started spraying. The result was beautiful. Instant love.

It didn’t take long for me to decide to hit all the mismatched furniture in my house. I kept spraying and spraying, and kept going back to the store to drop Three do a pop on paint.

Until it happened. Store security stopped by to review my paint purchase and asked to see my ID.

That’s right, I got carded for buying spray paint.

I was there, standing in the checkout with two cans of cherry red gloss, two leather brown and twp of caramel latte metallic, with some guy asking me what I was doing with all that paint.

Um… Painting?

It took about five minutes of discussing my projects to convince them my cans of paint were not a threat to public safety, but I was left with a lingering feeling of, “What the heck just happened.”

I’m still getting my house all pretty, still painting and still loving the results. I’m still getting carded periodically, too.

Have you been carded for anything strange?



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6 responses to “You Need to Show ID for That?

  1. cmtorrens

    White-out or is it Write-out? I don’t know. I was buying a few things and told my son (17) to go ahead and buy a few things with the money he had left over from a previous buy in his pocket. I was going to leave and have him just buy it, but when the cashier got to the white-out, she looked at me and asked him to show ID.

    Seriously? White-out…? A bunch of school supplies, his mother standing three feet away and she wants to card him for white-out. WTF? He can’t even buy his own school supplies anymore? Argggh!

  2. Ah.. the white-out buzz. Second only to the rubber cement buzz.

  3. I got carded yesterday. Which amazed me. The last time I was carded was ten years ago when I tried to buy beer at 19. Anyhow the guy who delivers our groceries asked me if I was 18. *insert puzzled look here* They’ve never asked that before!
    First thing outta my mouth was why?
    Him: I know, I know but I gotta ask. See they make me. *hands me receipt with big sticker that says ARE YOU 18?*
    Me: Why?
    Him: …for the beer.
    Oh yeah. Forgot I bought that. lol BTW drinking age is 18 in Ireland for those playing at home. Thought I was getting carded for groceries but nope, turned out to be alcohol!

  4. Kimberly Farris

    I got carded while buying a soda from a casino snack shop.

  5. Sasha

    I’m sure it wasn’t the spray paint but your nefarious nature.

    I’ve been carded for both DayQuil and Benadryl. The cashiers always give me an “I’m sorry!” face when they look up and see how miserable I am.

  6. Gillian, I’m sure they were making sure you weren’t planning a Mento-Diet Coke bomb. Or that you can be traced to those pickles…

    Kim… Soda? Too funny.

    Aww… Tasashoneypot. Carding for OTC relief when you’re about to fall over is the worst.

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