Climbing Mt Crapmore

My mind still isn’t ready for editing, so I’m trying for new words.  I visited several unfinished WIPs and either had no desire to work on those projects or couldn’t get back into the flow of the story — and feared ruining what I already had.

After reading a call — for a theme I never would have attempted — I have a plot bunny.  It’s given me two strong MC, huge conflict both internal and external and even the opening couple of scenes.  But I’m struggling.

It took me an hour to amass 200 words and I hate all but 3 of them. My hiatus has interfered with my ability to just puke out a first draft.  I know it’s supposed to be crappy — most first drafts are — but this is 7th grade-trying-to-write-a-category-bad.  I haven’t written this poorly in almost 20 years.  I don’t know if it will need several edits or a blow torch.

As much as it makes me cringe, I’m going to keep going.  And if it ends up sounding like an after school special (instead of a paranormal romance), well I’m sure I can fix it.  Right?





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2 responses to “Climbing Mt Crapmore

  1. Sasha

    Stop channeling me!

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