When Life Throws a Curveball…

Isn’t it funny how just when you think you have things figured out, life changes the rules?

My family has spent the past year working to get some improvements and upgrades made around our home. Simple things, like a new computer, upgrading our internet, basic redecorating. (Yes… spray paint.) Wednesday morning I finally picked up the new computer, a major milestone and the cause of much rejoicing among the children. Wednesday afternoon I got a letter informing me my rent was going up. A lot.

Ugh. There went the internet upgrades.

It seems to be the way things happen. I replaced my junker car only to have the alternator in the new one die a month later. I spend hours cleaning the fiveĀ filters on my vacuum, only to have it die a few weeks later.

Still, good comes from it all. The vacuum and car are improvements over the old. We’re looking at a house that would cost less and has an owner who puts much more effort into maintaining the building.

So, right now all my carefully laid plans and budgets are up in the air. That’s OK, because I’m sure that when things settle, I’ll be in a better place than I could have planned for myself.

Just because that’s the way life seems to happen.

Any curveballs in your life lately?


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2 responses to “When Life Throws a Curveball…

  1. (((hugs))) V. “just keep swimming, just keep swimming…..”

  2. Sasha

    The car wreck was my biggest curveball. But good has come from it. I’m WAY more focused and determined than I was before.

    Everything will turn out in the end.

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