Catching the 310

Today is my birthday, which typically makes me smile and act like a minor royalty (complete w/ subjects and specter).  I have no doubt that I’ll be indulging in that behavior shortly — even at the day job — but this birthday is a bit bittersweet.

Last year I set a goal of 300,000 words in my 30th yr.  I did it like I did all of goals: I got an arbitrary idea, convinced myself it was a GREAT one, and just let it roll without any sort of plan in place.  My thought was I had nearly done that much in the 6 months prior to my bday, and I was sure I could do an extra 50K in a year.

I failed.  I’m at 175,110 for the year (minus blogs, duel pieces, etc) and while that’s nothing to sneeze at, I’m not satisfied.  I could make excuses, but screw that.  I’m wearing my big girl panties –which for the record they’re super cute! — and I know I failed because I didn’t really work for it.

So I’m doing it again.  Only this time, I know what it will take.  I know what I’ll have to do and what I’ll have to avoid.  I have *gasp* a plan.  So my birthday present this morning is a pledge to write 310,000 in my 31st year.





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4 responses to “Catching the 310

  1. Happy birthday, Honeypot. I know you can hit 310K. Start writing.

  2. Holy wordcount, Batman! That’s intense!

    Hmm. Maybe we make it a festival or something? Monthly blog updates? You interested in something like that? Let me know…

  3. Kimberly Farris

    Happy Birthday! You can totally hit 310k.

  4. Happy Birthday! Wait, how can we be twins if you’re two years older than me? Iz confused.

    Can’t wait to see ya rock the word count!

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