Are You Enjoying the Ride?

I drove the main road through my community for two years and never noticed a sky blue house sitting behind a cluster of skinny pine trees.  No clue how I missed it.  The next time the kids and I were on the road, I pointed out the house and asked if they’d seen it before.  They all had.

After thinking about how I could have missed the blue house for a while,  the reason dawned on me.   I didn’t see the house because my thoughts were on getting home or getting to the store/post office/etc.

I realized recently that I’ve been doing something similar in my writing life.  I’ve been so focused going from unpublished to published that I haven’t been enjoying the journey as much as I could be.  My mind is working overtime on writing a great and salable story, building relationships, staying on top of industry happenings and lots of other stuff.

I’ve decided to slow down and cut back my efforts in non-writing areas a bit so don’t miss anything.

Are you enjoying your writing journey?



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4 responses to “Are You Enjoying the Ride?

  1. It’s a roller coaster, that’s for sure. But I can honestly say I am enjoying the journey. Very insightful blog post. Thank you for it.

    • Kimberly Farris


      Roller coaster is great term to describe the writing journey. I’m glad you’re enjoying your journey.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Great post, great reminder. Live life in the present, the here and now, be present to every moment. Hard to do, I think (for me, at least), but I like to try. I do enjoy my writing journey for the most part, but this reminded me that I write not only to be published (well, that’s pretty key for me, I honestly admit!), but because I would not be truly living if I did not write.

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