Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-NaNo (Part 1)

I fought not to write about NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) and then I thought, why?  My brain  has been preoccupied with it  for nearly 2 months.  I can’t remember how I found out about it, but I’ve been pretty obsessed with it since.

I do recall I failed pretty spectacularly that first year.   I didn’t even reach 3,000 and that YA Murder Mystery has yet to be written.  (And though it’s still bouncing around in my head, begging to be written, it’s not on deck for this year either)  I’ve done it every year, and I’ve crossed the 50,000 benchmark, but never with a completed story.  Apparently for me, 50K is the middle of the story.

This year I am (once again) shooting for the goal of a completed draft by November 30th.  I’m still not sure if it’ll be the YA Urban Fantasy about The Dead (which has no ending) or if it will be the Erotic Sci-Fi Romance (which I previously tried to NaNo and somehow made the 50K+ out of four scenes), but whatever the project I’ll be ready and raring to go Nov1.

Viva La NaNo!





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