Today, my little one is participating in a Halloween parade. Her pre-preschool class is putting on a “show off the kids” parade in costumes this afternoon. Her class is made up of 8 15-24 month olds. There’s another class of the same age group. A class of 24-36 month olds. Then the actual preschool classes.

Are you picturing the same disaster that I am?

DD is wearing a pumpkin costume. Simple. Slips on over her clothes, no zippers or buttons. But it’s stuffed in the front to make it more round. And I’m just picturing her falling over (from the different point of gravity) and the teachers beign so busy with other kids that my child just kind of…rolls away…

Hey, it could happen.

Of course, being the Mother of the Year that I am, this image makes me laugh hysterically. I mean, I’m not picturing her rolling into oncoming traffic or anything! Just down a little grassy slope. Maybe some wildflowers spread out. Mountains in the background. Julie Andrews singing a few feet away…

You can see why this would make me laugh rather than gasp in horror.

Anyway, maybe next week I’ll post a pic of her gravity-defying attempt at portraying a pumpkin. Don’t expect anything Oscar-worthy. I’m just hoping she doesn’t cry!



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One response to “Pumpkintastic!

  1. Tarlonis

    LoL Aaaand now I’m picturing it too.
    Sounds like an adorable parade to be!

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