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You Want Me to do What?!?

My mother still has the ability to leave me speechless. Most of the time I think I know her well enough not to be surprised but then she’ll say something so out of left field I wonder if the pod people have arrived.

Case in point: I spent Thanksgiving with her. For my family, visiting Mom for a few days means we do nothing. It’s a good nothing, we slouch around the house, watch TV, and just hang out. Since she’s in the country with lots of space, the kids get to ride go-carts and four-wheelers around all day.

Friday, mom and I were watching TV and there was a story about a woman who adopted special-needs kids. I have nothing but admiration for this woman. There are a lot of kids out there in need of loving parents who can handle their needs, be they minor or huge. Kudos to anyone who stands up and gives a child a solid and stable home.

About halfway through the story my mother turns to me and asks, “Do you think you’ll ever adopt a child like that?”


I’m 39, single, and writing isn’t the most secure of incomes. I gave birth three times and am counting down to the time those kids are ready to either leave the nest or contribute something besides dirty dishes and laundry to the household. On top of that I’ve got health and physical issues. I am not able to take on a child, especially not one with special needs.

Apparently my mother has been living in some fantasy-land where I’m going to adopt kids and give her more grandbabies to love. And because I’m raising one special child, this of course means the babies I adopt need to be special-needs, too.


Three boys. My grandbaby duties are completed, thank you very much.

I wonder if my sister is expected to adopt since I won’t.

So, did any interesting bits of information come up during your holiday gathering?



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Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, I know it’s not offiicially until tomorrow, but I’m feeling pretty lovey-dovey today (direct side effect of being able to breathe again) so….

I’ve decided my post will (of course) be things I’m thankful for:

1. My Health – yes the accident has changed things for me, but I’m every hopeful that one day I’ll be completely back to normal soon.

2. My Writer friends – because it’s important to know that I *might* be crazy, but at least I’m not alone.

3. My ability to read/write – nuff said

4. My Evil Day Job – Yes it’s evil.  I’m still not certain my boss isn’t Dr. Evil, but it pays the bills and I have some good friends there

5.  Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice – They call it Caramel Apple Spice, but I call it Sex in a Cup.  Who knew Apple Juice could get even MORE delicious?

6. Family/Friends – Because these people like me.  They really, really like me!

7.  DVR – I’m one of those people who don’t know how I survived without it.  Oh Supernatural, Oh Dancing with the Stars, Oh Castle, Oh Psych!

8.  Holidays – Turkey Day this week!  Then Christmas and New Years!  I love camaraderie and charity it invokes

9.  My electronics – ipod and Crackberry, let’s never fight again.  *kissing ensues

10.  Hope! – I have some many things to look forward to.


HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (Or if you’re not in the US, happy Wednesday/Thursday)



NaNo Count:  28, 787/50,000

Total Count:  62,103/310,000


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Curse you, Sinus Infection!

With everything that’s going on this month, I have a pretty  rigorous  schedule.  The last thing I needed — oh Murphy’s Law, why?! I thought we were cool after the last time you wrecked my plans — was to get ill.  And here I sit.

About this time last week I began to feel a bit tired.  Not surprising with the upheavals at the day job, pressure/excitement of the contest finalization, and NaNo word count push.  As the week progressed I got more tired, head aches cropped up, and then my voice started to go.  I was officially ill — and yet I still had so much to do.

It drove home two things that I already knew, but I guess I needed a further reminder for: 1) No One But Me Will Make Me Write — it’s just not a priority to anyone else and 2) A Writer’s Body Might Not Be Able, But Her Mind Won’t Stop.

While zombing my way through the day job, I would line up my writing plan of attack; I’d get home and promptly be crashed firmly in the middle of the “catch up on word count part.”  And while I gave a log a run for its money, my dreams supplied new storyage, albeit to stories not yet written or in some cases, ones never planned.  I’d wake up disoriented, often sad, and realize that I still had miles to go before I could sleep.

I’ve seen the doctor, gotten some meds, and I’m woefully behind on everything.  Here’s hoping I can catch up, and that this post is more coherent than anything else I’ve written in the past week.


NaNo Count:  16,220/50,000

Total Count:  49,536/310,000


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So It’s Here…

My thirty-ninth year is upon me. It feels remarkably the same as my thirty-eighth.

I remember when I was a little girl and I had a birthday coming… I think it was my fourth birthday. For several weeks My family had been talking about the big day and how I would be older. I’d be a big girl on that magical day and wouldn’t that be exciting. The anticipation was almost too much for little Voirey to handle.

The my birthday was there. I clearly remember waking up and running straight to the bathroom to look in the mirror. I wanted to see what a big girl looked like. But when I got there, I still had to use my little step to reach the sink, and when I looked in the mirror I didn’t see a big girl. I just saw me.

Talk about some bubble bursting.

I still looked and felt the same as the day before. Nothing really changed and I spent all of breakfast trying to figure out why. My parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles had all made such a fuss and nothing had happened.

By the time I ate my final Cheerio I had it figured out that I was only one day older than yesterday, so of course there wouldn’t be a change. I’d been wanting my birthday to be magical, but it was just another day.

That little realization took a little shine off my day. All day long, it was just a day. My day wasn’t cake and balloons and ice cream. it was just a day.

That night my family had the usual birthday festivities. We had dinner with my grandparents and aunt, I got presents. There was ice cream and cake and balloons and presents and I had a bunch of fun and felt a million kinds of special, even as my older sister tried to steal my presents.

And that’s when I had my second realization of the day. Birthdays might not be magical days, but they are special because we make them special. The more we live big and enjoy them, the more magic that day will hold.

This year I celebrated my birthday much like I did then. I went out to a restaurant with my mother and grandparents. There were no balloons, but I had a fabulous cheesecake (sans candles), presents, and a great time with my family. It was pretty special and wonderful even without the balloons.

I love my birthday. It’s the one day I really claim for myself. I might not make big plans, but I do what I want to do and I enjoy it.


PS ~ My Birthday Party is in full swing on my website, on Twitter and on Facebook! Come join in  and you could take home some birthday presents for yourself.

This week you could win Pay Up by Kaily Hart (ebook) or The Alpha (ebook) by Annie Nicholas. Watch Twitter for details.  Thanks, ladies, for these great presents.

You can see the list of gifts available here.


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Leggo my bagel

Some days I love my dog. He’s glorious and loving. He could snuggle all day long. He doesn’t shed. He’s what my husband and I consider the perfect size. He’s handsome. He’s extremely tolerant of our toddler when she gets too rough. He has a lot of great qualities.


And then there are days when I hate him. Like today. When I go to make myself a well-deserved bagel and cream cheese for breakfast and find nothing but half a plastic bag and a carb-comatose dog. Yes, that’s right. My dog ate my entire bag of bagels. In under 30 minutes, which is how long I was gone from the house. 5 bagels. 30 minutes.

I hate him and his iron stomach today.


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Gumption, I haz it

During the midst of NaNo, I got the crazy idea to enter my first contest.  While throwing down new words and discovering new things about my characters (hey that side character IS the cause of the mystery!!!) I decided to send an entry for the Some Like It Hot writing contest.

Not only would this be my first contest, it would also be the first time a professional person has looked at my work.  To say I was ready to hurl would be the understatement of the year.   First Chapter and a Synop, coming right up!  Except….editing isn’t my strong suit.  But I was determined and sat down to (re) re-edit Undercover Lover.

Edited might not be the correct word…. I cut, banged my head against the wall, reworded, decided it was vomit-inducing, rewrote, swore, tweaked, rearranged,  read it aloud, reworked some more and still thought it needed tons more work — even while I was sending it out. Shocker of all shockers, I did the same to the synopsis, only with a lot less swearing.

And I’m a finalist! (I’ve rechecked the site no less than 9 times since the announcement to make sure)  My partial (First 3 chapters, last chapter, synop) is due next Friday, and while that kind of makes me want to fall in the floor and make rug angels while I scream, I’m excited.  New words are of course on hold until the rest of the contest entry is sent.


NaNo Count:  12,792/50,000

Total Count:  46,108/310,000



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On Top of the Hill?

Hilltops can be nice places. Up above the world, with a good view of everything, they have their own kind of peaceful solitude, right?

Unless you’re on top of that hill because you’re just s step away from being over it.

Yeah, guess whose birthday is looming.

Next week I turn thirty-nine. That’s kissing forty and a very weird age to be. Why weird? Because looking at forty, up-close and personal, is driving home the fact that I’m no longer young. My days of late-night parties, hanging with my girlfriends, and blowing money on frivolous shopping trips are behind me.

But while I’m not young, I’m not old either. I still have years before that retirement kicks in. My kids are still home with me and while I’m starting to get the occasional gleam of silver in my hair, it’s still looking brown.

Okay, I admit it. I’m hitting the middle-age doldrums. I’m fully ensconced in that point of life where I stop dreaming about what I’m going to be when I grow up because this is it. I’m as grown up as I’m going to get.

Even though this top-of-the-hill experience is a little humbling, I’m not letting it get me down. Not by any means. I still have so much going for me. I have great kids, wonderful friends, and my life’s dream of being an author is finally happening. Life is beautiful and I’m celebrating it.

Oh, and how I’m celebrating… Next year I might be over the hill… but this year, I’m on top of it!

Starting next Monday the celebration begins on my website. In honor of this last look at my thirties, I’m having a website party that will start next Monday stretch through the end of the year. My friends are bringing presents for me to share with you and there will be games, puzzles, mancandy, and the return of Cat Yodeling!

I’m kicking off the giveaways early, right here on the tales blog. Post your happy birthday wishes and be entered in the drawing for a $10 Boarders gift card. (Drawing for US residents and mailing addresses only.)

Voirey Linger


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