So a lot of people I write with, critique with, and speak to are doing Nano. That’s great. That’s awesome. I wish them luck. I had intentions of BEING one of them. I’m signed into the Nano boards.

Life happens. I don’t have the time this year unfortunately, due to constraints and due dates from other projects. So no Nano for me.

Depressing, in a way. I like that sort of competition from others (even if there’s really no prize for going past 50,000 words) to get my bum a-goin’. We saw how well competition worked for myself and Keri Ford the other week when we each reached 25,000 words in one week. Yeah. I’m a former athlete. It’s bred in me.

So maybe in January, when things have calmed down a bit, I’ll have the opportunity to do my own personal Nano. Not as much fun, but hey. At least the Nano boards won’t crash on me on a daily basis! haha



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