Gumption, I haz it

During the midst of NaNo, I got the crazy idea to enter my first contest.  While throwing down new words and discovering new things about my characters (hey that side character IS the cause of the mystery!!!) I decided to send an entry for the Some Like It Hot writing contest.

Not only would this be my first contest, it would also be the first time a professional person has looked at my work.  To say I was ready to hurl would be the understatement of the year.   First Chapter and a Synop, coming right up!  Except….editing isn’t my strong suit.  But I was determined and sat down to (re) re-edit Undercover Lover.

Edited might not be the correct word…. I cut, banged my head against the wall, reworded, decided it was vomit-inducing, rewrote, swore, tweaked, rearranged,  read it aloud, reworked some more and still thought it needed tons more work — even while I was sending it out. Shocker of all shockers, I did the same to the synopsis, only with a lot less swearing.

And I’m a finalist! (I’ve rechecked the site no less than 9 times since the announcement to make sure)  My partial (First 3 chapters, last chapter, synop) is due next Friday, and while that kind of makes me want to fall in the floor and make rug angels while I scream, I’m excited.  New words are of course on hold until the rest of the contest entry is sent.


NaNo Count:  12,792/50,000

Total Count:  46,108/310,000




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  1. Yay! I’m so proud of you, girl. It won’t be long until I’m able to say I knew her when 🙂

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