Leggo my bagel

Some days I love my dog. He’s glorious and loving. He could snuggle all day long. He doesn’t shed. He’s what my husband and I consider the perfect size. He’s handsome. He’s extremely tolerant of our toddler when she gets too rough. He has a lot of great qualities.


And then there are days when I hate him. Like today. When I go to make myself a well-deserved bagel and cream cheese for breakfast and find nothing but half a plastic bag and a carb-comatose dog. Yes, that’s right. My dog ate my entire bag of bagels. In under 30 minutes, which is how long I was gone from the house. 5 bagels. 30 minutes.

I hate him and his iron stomach today.



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2 responses to “Leggo my bagel

  1. ChrisQ

    Aww. *pats* Yeah, I have dog. I’ve hated them a few times. But mostly the stupid silly expressions and the enthusiastic greetings and all the really great stuff outweighs the bad. 🙂

    Hope you get a new bagel breakfast, minus dog meal soon.


  2. Jessica B.

    LOL sounds like my animals. I’ve got a kitten that seems to be able to hunt down any type of food and leave bits of it laying out as if to say ‘HA! I found it and you don’t want any of it anymore’.

    I’ve also got a dog that likes chocolate (I know that it’s bad for them) and, again, even though we think that we have all of it out of his reach, he seems to always find something. The one day he actually chewed through a tin to get to it. He likes bread too.


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