So It’s Here…

My thirty-ninth year is upon me. It feels remarkably the same as my thirty-eighth.

I remember when I was a little girl and I had a birthday coming… I think it was my fourth birthday. For several weeks My family had been talking about the big day and how I would be older. I’d be a big girl on that magical day and wouldn’t that be exciting. The anticipation was almost too much for little Voirey to handle.

The my birthday was there. I clearly remember waking up and running straight to the bathroom to look in the mirror. I wanted to see what a big girl looked like. But when I got there, I still had to use my little step to reach the sink, and when I looked in the mirror I didn’t see a big girl. I just saw me.

Talk about some bubble bursting.

I still looked and felt the same as the day before. Nothing really changed and I spent all of breakfast trying to figure out why. My parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles had all made such a fuss and nothing had happened.

By the time I ate my final Cheerio I had it figured out that I was only one day older than yesterday, so of course there wouldn’t be a change. I’d been wanting my birthday to be magical, but it was just another day.

That little realization took a little shine off my day. All day long, it was just a day. My day wasn’t cake and balloons and ice cream. it was just a day.

That night my family had the usual birthday festivities. We had dinner with my grandparents and aunt, I got presents. There was ice cream and cake and balloons and presents and I had a bunch of fun and felt a million kinds of special, even as my older sister tried to steal my presents.

And that’s when I had my second realization of the day. Birthdays might not be magical days, but they are special because we make them special. The more we live big and enjoy them, the more magic that day will hold.

This year I celebrated my birthday much like I did then. I went out to a restaurant with my mother and grandparents. There were no balloons, but I had a fabulous cheesecake (sans candles), presents, and a great time with my family. It was pretty special and wonderful even without the balloons.

I love my birthday. It’s the one day I really claim for myself. I might not make big plans, but I do what I want to do and I enjoy it.


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3 responses to “So It’s Here…

  1. ChrisQ

    Happy Birthday Voirey! Hope you have a great one.


  2. Tarlonis

    Woohoo! Happy happy B’day to YOUUUUU!!!

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