Curse you, Sinus Infection!

With everything that’s going on this month, I have a pretty  rigorous  schedule.  The last thing I needed — oh Murphy’s Law, why?! I thought we were cool after the last time you wrecked my plans — was to get ill.  And here I sit.

About this time last week I began to feel a bit tired.  Not surprising with the upheavals at the day job, pressure/excitement of the contest finalization, and NaNo word count push.  As the week progressed I got more tired, head aches cropped up, and then my voice started to go.  I was officially ill — and yet I still had so much to do.

It drove home two things that I already knew, but I guess I needed a further reminder for: 1) No One But Me Will Make Me Write — it’s just not a priority to anyone else and 2) A Writer’s Body Might Not Be Able, But Her Mind Won’t Stop.

While zombing my way through the day job, I would line up my writing plan of attack; I’d get home and promptly be crashed firmly in the middle of the “catch up on word count part.”  And while I gave a log a run for its money, my dreams supplied new storyage, albeit to stories not yet written or in some cases, ones never planned.  I’d wake up disoriented, often sad, and realize that I still had miles to go before I could sleep.

I’ve seen the doctor, gotten some meds, and I’m woefully behind on everything.  Here’s hoping I can catch up, and that this post is more coherent than anything else I’ve written in the past week.


NaNo Count:  16,220/50,000

Total Count:  49,536/310,000


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