You Want Me to do What?!?

My mother still has the ability to leave me speechless. Most of the time I think I know her well enough not to be surprised but then she’ll say something so out of left field I wonder if the pod people have arrived.

Case in point: I spent Thanksgiving with her. For my family, visiting Mom for a few days means we do nothing. It’s a good nothing, we slouch around the house, watch TV, and just hang out. Since she’s in the country with lots of space, the kids get to ride go-carts and four-wheelers around all day.

Friday, mom and I were watching TV and there was a story about a woman who adopted special-needs kids. I have nothing but admiration for this woman. There are a lot of kids out there in need of loving parents who can handle their needs, be they minor or huge. Kudos to anyone who stands up and gives a child a solid and stable home.

About halfway through the story my mother turns to me and asks, “Do you think you’ll ever adopt a child like that?”


I’m 39, single, and writing isn’t the most secure of incomes. I gave birth three times and am counting down to the time those kids are ready to either leave the nest or contribute something besides dirty dishes and laundry to the household. On top of that I’ve got health and physical issues. I am not able to take on a child, especially not one with special needs.

Apparently my mother has been living in some fantasy-land where I’m going to adopt kids and give her more grandbabies to love. And because I’m raising one special child, this of course means the babies I adopt need to be special-needs, too.


Three boys. My grandbaby duties are completed, thank you very much.

I wonder if my sister is expected to adopt since I won’t.

So, did any interesting bits of information come up during your holiday gathering?



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5 responses to “You Want Me to do What?!?

  1. Sewicked

    My great-grandmother had a spinning wheel, but neither my mom nor her older sister ever saw her use it.

  2. ah, mothers always have the most amusing theories about our own lives, don’t they?

  3. ChrisQ

    Hehe, great post Voirey, gotta love family.

  4. No strange revelations during Thanksgiving but I did have a number of nightmares.

    Take it as a compliment that she sees you as a good mom. 😀

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