So What Did We Learn (the NaNo Edition)…

It’s December 1st and typically I’m riding the euphoria of NaNo like it’s some sort of trusty steed (this analogy only works if you’ve never heard the bruised *****  story).  This year, I’m happy for a victory, but much more subdued.  This might be the hardest NaNo on record for me, but I learned a few things:

1.  Obligations – As much as I tried to avoid outside events, some things just couldn’t be avoided.  How do you tell a friend “Sorry, can’t come to your wedding?  Word count is a little slim this week.  Think you could get married sometime NEXT month?”

2. NaNo is Not for the Weak – I knew this.  It seems manageable when you think of it in tiny 1,667 blocks, but it can crush you.  The fact that I’ve done it before does not guarantee I can do it again, and it would behoove me to remember that.

3.  Editing Something Else Actually Works! – Me + Editing = Spastic Sasha.  Me + Editing (something else) + Writing Something New = Less Spastic Sasha with nice results.  This was an experiment that paid off.  I’ll be trying it again next month to see if it was a fluke

4.  The Full MS at 50 eludes yet again me – I hit 50K, but it’s still not a completed story.   Next year the plan is to have a full detailed outline broken down by chapters.

5.  Finishing Early Can’t be Pants’ed – This is actually spin off from 4.  Maybe it can be done by others, but not by me.  I learned some cool things about my characters along the way (hey, look who has a surprise sibling!) but too many tangents slowed things waaaaay down.  I finished last night with 3 hrs to spare.

6.  0 to 60 still doesn’t work –  Yes, I did just use a car analogy.  In terms of writing, I’m like the 40 year old who hasn’t exercised since high school who decides he’s going to run a marathon by the end of the month.  I tend to get these wild ideas and just leap for them.  The blogging imploded.  Big Time.  Better luck next time gadget.

7. I still love NaNo – My brain hurts, I’d like to sleep for the next 37hrs straight, and I ate so much take out that I’m actually hungry for plain old lettuce.  But I still loved the experience and plan to do it again next year.  Guess I’m still a glutton for punishment.

Happy December!


NaNo Count: 50,085/50,000

Total Count: 83,401/310,000


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