The Year In Review

Yes, yes I know you are tired of these lists, but that’s not going to stop me.  I am one of *those* people who take a sick sort of joy in looking back on the year and giving it a grade.  This year featured some of my best moments (which I hope to surpass next year) and some of the lowest points of my life (I hope this record remains where it is).

Jan – April: I spent most of Jan/Feb worrying that I wouldn’t be accepted into a Mentor Program. And the rest of March – April both loving and hating the experience. My Mentor was pure awesome and I learned a lot, not the least of which is that this writer thing would not be easy (this was the part I hated).  I finished my first full length novel  (75K which still needs edits), went to my second writer’s conference (I love Chicago!) , and successfully pitched my novel.

May – June: I psyched myself out big time.  I believe that real writers edit.  I learned that I don’t know how to self-edit effectively and actually contemplated giving up all together.  Looking back I know that I squandered this time and I could kick myself for it.

July: I was involved in a roll over car accident.  My eye was blacked shut for a week.  I had no use of my right hand for nearly a month.  I didn’t write anything for almost 3 months and the only thing I could do for any period of time without difficulty or pain was think.  My body might not have been able to write, but my brain never shut down, shoving ideas and scenes at me at a furious pace.  It pained me not to be able to write.

August – Oct: I slowly, oh so slowly started back into writing. Lost of mobility and a broken finger made it even more arduous, but I wrote. It wasn’t good or nearly as much as I had been able to do before, but I was glad to have it.

November: I participated and one NaNo again.  It was both exciting and nerve wracking.  I also entered and won my first writing contest.  This was validation beyond my Mentor or my Crit Group and it still makes me slightly nervous, though it’s getting a little easier to live with every day.

December: Was a flurry of activity, most of which was not writing related.  I’m still working on edits for my Requested Full and figuring out what I’ll be doing next year, but I’m hopeful.

If I can accomplish half of what I want to, 2011 is going to be great.



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