Goals for 2011

I was looking over my annual goal list, and right here at the beginning of the year it looks daunting. Very daunting. A whole year’s worth of stuff to accomplish in one package is… scary. Still, I have a whole year to get it done and I’m already making progress.

First thing to check off is my five-year career plan. So far ism on track. This year calls for 3 books to be published. I have book 2 of my angel series ready to send as soon as I finish the sub packet, and the final book is in progress. That’s two. I have an R&R on my plate which I believe will be the third. As an add-on to this year’s career goals, I want to finish book 1 and begin querying on my rock star series, and get the second book’s first draft finished. I think all of this can be done by the end of summer, barring any major problems or delays.

After the career comes the personal goals. I hereby solemnly swear to clear the old books from my bookshelf, to get clothes we can’t wear out of the house, and to finally sit down and deal with all that paperwork I’ve been avoiding. I’ve also committed to reading 500 books in 2011. It sounds like a lot but I read very fast so I will probably up the ante later.

This is the closest I come to new year’s resolutions.

What’s on your plate for 2011?




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