The Back Up Plan

I had intended my first post of the year to be about Goals (not Resolutions) because seeing it in black and white, for all the word to see, would make me infinitely more accountable.  However, that was before I was roused from sleep at 1:30am last night.

I was finally drifting off to sleep (after tossing and turning a while) when blaring alarms went off.  At first I thought one of my neighbors was being obnoxious, but then it occurred to me that no game had sounds so insistent and continuous.  In a panic I threw on some jeans, grabbed a sweater and my purse, shoved my bare feet into sneakers and was outside in a matter of moments.

Outside in the freezing dark, all alone for nearly five minutes (I still can’t believe the amount of people who didn’t exit the building!) all I could think about was if my apartment caught fire, all my work was gone.  I’m the Queen of the Thumb Drive, newly introduced but passionately in love with my External Thumb Drive, and have a tower of discs for nothing but back up purposes.  And still it all would have been for nothing if my apartment caught fire.

Ironically, I had had a conversation about Dropbox and other online storage options mere hours before.  I’m a firm believer in Signs, and the Universe gave me a big one last night.  I Google Doc’d the story I’ve been editing for the past couple of weeks (I do believe my head would have exploded if all that work had been lost) and Dropbox and I have a date this evening.

Have a Back Up Plan….and make sure to use it.



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3 responses to “The Back Up Plan

  1. Ayla

    wow, i’m glad there wasn’t actually a fire and you’re ok. i think i’m going to have to investigate this dropbox thing now – just in case

  2. Sasha Devlin

    Yea, I’m relieved about the fire too, though my adrenaline was through the roof! We can be Dropbox partners in crime

  3. wow. scary.

    but yes. get your dropbox love going!

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