What’s going on for 2011?

That’s a good question! haha

I know I’ll have edits sometime soon for The Game Of Love, for Carina. Probably in February, maybe early March. That’s definitely something new, seeing how a new editor handles edits. Plus, this is my first full length work. I wonder if it will really take three times as long as my novellas to edit.

I am finishing up Book One of my Semper Fi series trilogy. Timothy and Skye’s story is an interesting one. I keep finding little bits of myself in Skye. Not a lot, but little bits. There is nothing, however, of my husband in Tim! haha Then of course, I’ll be writing books two and three.

And past that, who knows? If there’s time between books, I might start research for a new series. I’ve got a few that I’m interested in doing, not sure which one I’ll go with quite yet. Definitely food for thought.

And along the way I’ll be working on updating and continuing to make changes with my website.

Oh, and I’ll be heading to RWA conference in New York this year! I’m very excited for that, since I think my husband and I will be turning the trip into a bit of a “second honeymoon”…except we never really got a first! ha But hey, a trip to New York for our 5 year anniversary (this April) sounds good to me!


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