The Beginning…

I think every author begins their writing process a different way. For me it can be a variety of things. Sometimes it’s a character that won’t go away. Sometimes it’s an image I can’t forget. Most often I wonder what if and run with the idea. In every case, my idea is just an idea until a moment of magic happens and that character, idea, or pondering crystallizes into a moment of perfect clarity and The Moment happens.

What is The Moment? It’s when I have the scene in my head that becomes the seed for the whole story. This scene can take place anywhere in the book, first scene, last scene, or somewhere in the sagging middle, but when I get it, see it clearly in my head, I know I have a story. I can’t say what sets it apart. Maybe it’s the desire to see what led to it or where it will go. Maybe it makes me wonder what it is about the characters that brought them to that point. Whatever The Moment is, the result is always the same. Something in my head opens up and I see not just that scene, but the rough mapping of the story.

Sometimes the moment happens when i don’t want it. I never intended to write Forsaking Eternity. I knew that Renatus would need a man and I didn’t do m/m. I was very happy to let my angelic world rest with Dominicus and Maggie.

Then The Moment hit me from out of the blue. I wasn’t thinking stories. I wasn’t even in writing mode when it happened. I saw Ren. He was sitting at a little bistro-type table with a man. He desperately wanted this man’s attention but didn’t quite know how to go about getting it. While he was still figuring it out another man approached the table. Ignoring Ren, he began to flirt with the man Ren had been trying so hard to flirt with. All I could think was, OMG how rude! I could see ren turn to look at me and his eyes were so lost and lonely.

Then the story opened up and I knew I had to write it.

Writing this one wasn’t easy for me. Forsaking Eternity took me into areas of life I’d never really explored. Homosexuality wasn’t something that I’d ever really paid much attention to.  As a straight woman, a male/male relationship just wasn’t something that applied to me. The closest I’d come was the chemistry between Ren and Dom in Risking Eternity, and that was not something I’d actually planned. Slash was never my kink so I didn’t know where to begin writing a relationship between two men.

One thing I never questioned was Ren’s need to explore this curiosity that had been sparked. it was one of those things I couldn’t fully express in the first book because that wasn’t Ren’s story. But I knew that he’d come more alive in Dom’s arms than he ever had in a female’s embrace, and that it scared him.

Then my other leading man, Adam, threw me for another loop. I had Ren wanting to provide him with a nice breakfast. I saw him in my head arranging bacon on a plate piled with fluffy eggs and toast. This is when Adam decided to tell me he was Jewish and kept kosher. The sensation was almost like having your meal change flavors mid-bite. I didn’t know what I had in my mouth anymore. I knew it was good, I knew this detail would add something to the story, but I didn’t know what.

This unexpected Moment opened my world up a little more. Ren and Adam took me places I never thought I would go. The process was long; This short novel took me almost a year to write. But it was worth the time and effort. In the end I believe Ren and Adam’s love story is one worth reading.

Forsaking Eternity will be available from Ellora’s cave. Release date to be announced.

Risking Eternity is now available for digital download from Ellora’s cave and through major online book retailers. Best prices: Ellora’s Cave and All Romance Ebooks.



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