I’m Multi-lingual…Well sort of

I often refer to myself as the World’s Laziest Linguist because I know a smattering of several actual languages (French, German, Latin, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, American Sign Language, and Spanish) and several no-less-valid-but-not-official languages (Nerd, Teenage Girl, Knitter, Hip Hop lyrics, Gamer, and Man), but I’m not fluent in any of them.  I can now add another to the list: Writer.

With the others, I was aware of the shift in my brain, and that with that knowledge came a division between those who know the language, and those who have heard of it.  I was aware I was acquiring Writer Language, but I didn’t realize it brought the same division.

Recently I was talking to some non-writer friends about my contest win, and half of them were ready to run out and buy my book.  Besides being flattered I was flabbergasted.  Didn’t they know that not every book was available in a brick and mortar store?  And that those books were sold 18 months ago?  Or that it wasn’t as easy as win a contest and instantly get published?

Slush piles, royalty rates, agents vs editors, MS formatting, the dreaded synopsis.  None of them had a clue.  Right there in the Panera I had an impromptu This is How it Works seminar.  Some of their eyes glazed over.  Some of them thought I was exaggerating.  And some walked away a little more informed and slightly disillusioned.

I walked away realizing as much as I know about Writer as a language, there’s still more to go.  Unlike the other languages which I pick up and use when it strikes me, this one needs to become second nature to me, the way English is.  So new item on the Goals List: Become Fluent in Writer



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  1. Imma gonna learn writer too.

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