Enemy of the State

I killed Borders, and will soon murder all bookstores.  At least according to my friend I did.

A group of us do a bi-monthly online meet up since we’re spread throughout the country, and talk eventually turned to books.  One is reading ebooks on her iPhone, another had received a Nook for Christmas, and I was waiting for my Kindle to come in.  The fourth accused me of being one step below the Nazis because it was people like me who had killed Borders.  Somehow, her store was closing because I was waiting to get a Kindle.

She honestly believes that people who read ebooks won’t read anything else and though I’ve heard of this, I’d never encountered it.  It makes no sense to me.  Do people with MP3 players never listen to the radio? Do people who have Blue Ray players never go to the movies?  Having access to another format does *not* make the average person exclude other avenues.

I tried to explain to her that I still read and purchase both, that there’s a wealth of things she’s missing due to format constraints.  I tried to explain how ebooks offered convenience readers and a higher royalty rate for authors.  She responded that she didn’t “care about authors” and that I should be ashamed for what I was doing to bookstores everywhere.

I went for blood.  I’m generally a fairly jovial person, but when my temper blows, look out.  The other two later told me it was like watching a scene from Kill Bill but instead of swords I used words.  After I was done shredding her, we agreed to never discuss it again.

I can’t help but wonder how bad it would have been if I told her I’d sold an ebook.  She probably would have accused me of eating babies.


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One response to “Enemy of the State

  1. Uh, yeah. No.

    I have an ereader. I have sold ebooks. I have an e-to-be-read pile.

    I also have another to read pile that has morphed into a Book Golem of print books. I buy both.

    I’m terribly sorry for everyone who lost their jobs (not to mention the authors not getting paid) or where Borders was the only brick and mortar store for them to go to, but not everything up to and including starving kids in the Congo can be blamed on ebooks.

    If she accuses you of eating babies, tell her you like them with chocolate syrup and sprinkles.

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