Jeanette Murray is a twenty-something woman who lives with her sweet (but destructive) baby girl, one extremely stupid (but utterly lovable) Goldendoodle, and her sometimes-absent husband. A military wife, her life is often “in transition” thanks to moving, deployments and everything in between.

Her non-writing hobbies include: learning to cook and bake better than her mother-in-law (an impossible feat), shopping, and watching really horrible reality TV. Hey, we all need a vice… She also love sports, especially tennis, football and rugby. She is not in any way artistically, musically, or craftily inclined.

Jeanette put pen to paper (rather, fingers to keys) after she finally realized she wasn’t crazy, and she didn’t have multiple personalities. The voices in her head were merely characters, biding their time until she had the time and courage to give them life. It’s been a whirlwind ever since, learning the craft of writing and making her way through the maze that is the road to publication.

She writes contemporary romance, usually with a comedic flair.


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