Kimberly Farris lives in Georgia with her husband and five children, who she affectionately refers to as her stalkers.

Her love for writing began with a story she wrote in third grade called Attack of the Bologna People.  The sequel, Attack of the Green Potatoes soon followed.  She started her ‘serious’ writing journey with literary short stories with eggplant purple prose and over dramatic characters.   Kimberly then switched to depressing women’s fiction with lilac colored prose and heroines so dumped upon, they could be mistaken for landfills. In the fall of 2006, she found her voice, which to her surprise is light and comedic.

Kimberly is a self-described craftinista with a long and every growing project list.  Recent additions include a purse from a thrifted sweater, a fabric covered memo board and wrist cuffs (fabric bracelets), glass magnets that look like mini snow globes.   Jellybeans, Red Vines and Vault are her three favorite foods she should not consume on a daily basis.  Of the foods she should eat more often, Kimberly likes apples, broccoli with cheese and lima beans.


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