Forgive the Disorientation

But Daylights Savings time is still kicking my butt.  Yes, I know it’s *one* measly hour, but most people I know, myself included, are still recovering.

Half the clocks in my life show one time, the others appear to have updated themselves and my body is protesting the fact that it is still dark whenever we have to leave for work in the morning.  I know this means that Spring is coming — either this or the allergies would have clued me in — but I could really use that missing hour.  I’m definitely sleeping less than usual, but feel like I still don’t have enough time to get everything done.

I’ve always claimed that some evil villain was using his time machine against me.  Guess that villain is The Farmers of America.




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1st Quarter Check In

I’m absolutely terrified by how fast this year is going by.  It feels like yesterday it was New Year’s Eve and I was thinking shiny happy thoughts for 2011.  To say I’m behind would be a gross understatement.

On the plus side of things, I did turn in my contest winning manuscript which sold (saying this never gets old btw).  The book is in edits and will most likely be off my plate in a matter of weeks.  This is both a blessing and a curse.

What will I do next?  My quest for 310,000 words in my 31st year has stalled a bit…ok a LOT, but I’m planning to get back on that wagon.  I just have to choose one of the billion stories vying for my attention.  As I’m well under 100K at this point, I’m open for all manner of crazy things.

Stay tuned to see what I do for an encore!



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Enemy of the State

I killed Borders, and will soon murder all bookstores.  At least according to my friend I did.

A group of us do a bi-monthly online meet up since we’re spread throughout the country, and talk eventually turned to books.  One is reading ebooks on her iPhone, another had received a Nook for Christmas, and I was waiting for my Kindle to come in.  The fourth accused me of being one step below the Nazis because it was people like me who had killed Borders.  Somehow, her store was closing because I was waiting to get a Kindle.

She honestly believes that people who read ebooks won’t read anything else and though I’ve heard of this, I’d never encountered it.  It makes no sense to me.  Do people with MP3 players never listen to the radio? Do people who have Blue Ray players never go to the movies?  Having access to another format does *not* make the average person exclude other avenues.

I tried to explain to her that I still read and purchase both, that there’s a wealth of things she’s missing due to format constraints.  I tried to explain how ebooks offered convenience readers and a higher royalty rate for authors.  She responded that she didn’t “care about authors” and that I should be ashamed for what I was doing to bookstores everywhere.

I went for blood.  I’m generally a fairly jovial person, but when my temper blows, look out.  The other two later told me it was like watching a scene from Kill Bill but instead of swords I used words.  After I was done shredding her, we agreed to never discuss it again.

I can’t help but wonder how bad it would have been if I told her I’d sold an ebook.  She probably would have accused me of eating babies.


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I Haz Cover!

Which is the edited version of what I’ve been saying aloud.

I’ve received my cover art this week and it’s scrambled my brains.  Before I had been giving the art sheet I had never pondered what the cover should look like, only what it *shouldn’t* look like.  (My imagination insisted on torturing me with images of clowns, butt cleavage and exploding bullets).  I whimpered and cursed trying to figure out what to put on the art form, but in the end, it turned out perfectly.

I couldn’t be happier, but my anxiety has blown through the roof.  As stupid as it may sound, signing the contract and getting edits didn’t do it.  But receiving cover art has made me realize this is REAL.  Soon people will be reading my book with my name on it.

Excuse me while I panic.



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Yup.  I did it.

No matter how many times I say it or see it, I can’t quite wrap my mind around the fact that I’ve sold my novella “In the Light of Day.”  Everything about this project has surprised me.  I didn’t know I was going to write a M/M Romantic Suspense short story until I had finished it.  Heck, it was the first thing I had finished since my teen years, but I didn’t think it was ready for primetime.

I wasn’t exactly wrong about that though.  A friend of mine convinced me to enter a writing contest — my first contest ever — and I edited/rewrote like a fiend, never expecting to get anything beyond a crit.  I about swallowed my tongue when I finaled.  And you do *not* want to hear the words I screamed when I found out I won.  Or the words I screamed as I tried to edit/rewrite the rest of the story to get it up to snuff.

But I guess the swears and tears were worth it.  Because I sold it.  My first finished story, my first contest win, and my first contract all off of the same story.  Part of it was hard work, a lot of it was luck, but I’m going to ride this feeling for LONG time.



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So I guess I’m doing something right…

I have signed with an agent. Yup. It’s “Moment Of Validation” time…because I’m needy like that. I signed with Emmanuelle Morgen of Judith Ehrlich Literary Agency. It’s a really good feeling. Fantastic.

Um, I guess that’s all for now. I’m mostly working on edits now, which can threaten to suck the soul out of your life. But I’m getting there.



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I’m Multi-lingual…Well sort of

I often refer to myself as the World’s Laziest Linguist because I know a smattering of several actual languages (French, German, Latin, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, American Sign Language, and Spanish) and several no-less-valid-but-not-official languages (Nerd, Teenage Girl, Knitter, Hip Hop lyrics, Gamer, and Man), but I’m not fluent in any of them.  I can now add another to the list: Writer.

With the others, I was aware of the shift in my brain, and that with that knowledge came a division between those who know the language, and those who have heard of it.  I was aware I was acquiring Writer Language, but I didn’t realize it brought the same division.

Recently I was talking to some non-writer friends about my contest win, and half of them were ready to run out and buy my book.  Besides being flattered I was flabbergasted.  Didn’t they know that not every book was available in a brick and mortar store?  And that those books were sold 18 months ago?  Or that it wasn’t as easy as win a contest and instantly get published?

Slush piles, royalty rates, agents vs editors, MS formatting, the dreaded synopsis.  None of them had a clue.  Right there in the Panera I had an impromptu This is How it Works seminar.  Some of their eyes glazed over.  Some of them thought I was exaggerating.  And some walked away a little more informed and slightly disillusioned.

I walked away realizing as much as I know about Writer as a language, there’s still more to go.  Unlike the other languages which I pick up and use when it strikes me, this one needs to become second nature to me, the way English is.  So new item on the Goals List: Become Fluent in Writer


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