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I Suck At Juggling

I could blame last week’s lack of post on technical difficulties or a ghost in the machine (now I want to watch I, Robot) but truly the fault was human error.

This human to be precise.  I spaced that it was Wednesday.  I had my 40+ hours at the Evil Day Job, writing, an out of town guest and my schedule just heaved itself out the window.  Wait. *I* threw it out the window.  There, took responsibility like a big girl (have to if I’m going to wear the BG panties).

I suck at juggling.  Not a new discovery but something I need to be reminded of periodically.  I know there are people who are writing, working an EDJ and taking care of home and they aren’t flinching.  I am not one of them.

I whine, swear, wish I had wine, and gnash my teeth trying to get it all done, and I still come up short.  I can live with the fact that I cleaned the bathroom on Monday, but the kitchen will have to wait until Thursday.  I can even operate at work on less than three hours of sleep (though by 2pm I’m a bit of a whack job laughing at my own jokes).

But I can’t be that flexible with my writing.  It all feels like suck and I can’t half or even 3/4 ass it into shape.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m incapable of accepting any less or if I’m still too new to my own process to figure it out.  But I’ve put it on my To Do List to find out.  Which I’m sure I’ll get to … some time this year.

Sasha, who could use a nap


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Sometimes a Spreadsheet Helps

I’m thrilled with the goal setting I did at the end of December. Know why? I’m writing again!!!

I had a bizarre year in 2008. Looking back, it feels like I spent the whole year querying agents, responding to requests for partials and fulls, drumming my fingers while I waited, and generally doing everything I could think of to advance my career…except the most important thing: WRITING!


That’s not a totally fair representation. I completed a novella and submitted it to market (still waiting…), wrote a couple of short stories and submitted them (one sold, one I’m still–you guessed it–waiting), and plotted a couple of novels. But aside from two anthologies, nothing new came out with my name on it. (I know…whinewhinewhine)

So…to ensure that 2009 did NOT follow suit, I spent quite a bit of time designing goals and plugging them into my planning calendar. I’m pleased to report that so far, it’s working!!

What, you ask, has all of this got to do with spreadsheets? Actually, quite a bit!

I discovered this week that the other element that has helped me stay on task has been a spreadsheet designed to track my writing time and word count…and to do it simply and easily!

I don’t know about you, but finding a spreadsheet where all I have to do is drop in the date, my start and stop times, and my total word count and let it tell me how many words I wrote, how much time I spent producing those words, and my current words per hour rate…well, can you say, “thrilled”?

Between my own planning and my discovery of a fabulous spreadsheet, I’m determined to make 2009 a year to shine!

Onward and upward!


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